Synthetic Molecular Chemistry - SMC

Synthetic Molecular Chemistry

Within our research group we work on synthetic molecular chemistry (SMC) of bio-inorganic model compounds and various aspects of molecular main group chemistry.

  • Bio-inorganic chemistry

Biomimetic research attempts to understand and copy the function (structure) of natural systems such as active sites in enzymes. The mechanistic understanding of active centers and their bio-inorganic analogs involved in energy conversion processes are the main focus of our work.   

  • Catalysis for Artificial Photosynthesis

We develop catalysts for chemical, electrochemical, and photochemical splitting of water and carbon dioxide for alternative fuel production (e.g. hydrogen or alcohols). 

  • Maingroup chemistry

We deal with different aspects of molecular systems containing maingroup elements. We search for new applications of main group compounds in unusual bonding situations in homogeneous catalysis, molecular- and organic electronics.