There are several main strategies towards graphene and graphene-like carbons. At Uppsala, we are focussing on epitaxial growth from doped metal carbides and solution-based exfoliation methods. One of our objectives is to develop new scaleable methods for graphene production, and our sonochemical process that rapidly give quantities of graphene and few-layer graphite as a suspension in water or an organic solvent is very promising.

We also employ the established "Scotch tape" micromechanical cleavage of the original reports of Geim et al in order to produce reference materials for characterization of properties and for device construction.

Another important track is contolled defect formation (functionalization), in order to gain fundamental understanding of the role of defects for the properties of graphene and graphene-like materials.

The synthesis and modification activities, involving researchers from all Divisions, are coordinated from the two chemistry programmes involved (Inorganic chemistry: Prof. Ulf Jansson and Physical Organic chemistry: Prof. Helena Grennberg).