Our Publications

  • Quant, Maria; Hillers-Bendtsen, Andreas Erbs; Ghasemi, Shima; Erdélyi, Máté et al.

    Synthesis, characterization and computational evaluation of bicyclooctadienes towards molecular solar thermal energy storage

    Part of Chemical Science, p. 834-841, 2022.

    Open access
  • Okmane, Laura; Nestor, Gustav; Jakobsson, Emma; Xu, Bingze et al.

    Glucomannan and beta-glucan degradation by Mytilus edulis Cel45A: Crystal structure and activity comparison with GH45 subfamily A, B and C

    Part of Carbohydrate Polymers, 2022.

  • Cadamuro, Janne; Bergsten, Peter; Mörwald, Katharina; Forslund, Anders et al.

    Deviating glucose results in an international dual-center study. A root cause investigation

    Part of Biochemia Medica, 2022.

    Open access
  • Forsberg, Eva; Levander, Sara; Elmgren, Maja

    Peer Review in Academic Promotion of Excellent Teachers

    Part of Peer review in an Era of Evalutaion, p. 245-274, 2022.

  • Samanta, Loknath; Stensjö, Karin; Lindblad, Peter; Bhattacharya, Jyotirmoy

    Differential catalase activity and tolerance to hydrogen peroxide in the filamentous cyanobacteria Nostoc punctiforme ATCC 29113 and Anabaena sp. PCC 7120

    Part of Archives of Microbiology, 2022.

  • Rebrova, N. , V; Grippa, A. Yu; Boiaryntseva, I. A.; Berastegui, Pedro et al.

    Effects of europium concentration on luminescent and scintillation performance of Cs0.2Rb0.8Ca1-xEuxBr3 (0 <= x <= 0.08) crystals

    Part of Journal of Rare Earths, p. 29-33, 2022.

  • Li, Dan; Kang, Ziye; Sun, Hao; Wang, Ying et al.

    A bifunctional MnxCo3-xO4-decorated separator for efficient Li-LiI-O-2 batteries: A novel strategy to promote redox coupling and inhibit redox shuttling

    Part of Chemical Engineering Journal, 2022.

    Open access
  • Benitez, Almudena; Amaro-Gahete, Juan; Chien, Yu-Chuan; Caballero, Alvaro et al.

    Recent advances in lithium-sulfur batteries using biomass-derived carbons as sulfur host

    Part of Renewable & sustainable energy reviews, 2022.

    Open access
  • Pereira de Carvalho, Rodrigo; Marchiori, Cleber F. N.; Brandell, Daniel; Araujo, Moyses

    Artificial intelligence driven in-silico discovery of novel organic lithium-ion battery cathodes

    Part of Energy Storage Materials, p. 313-325, 2022.

    Open access
  • Hu, Ya; Chen, Libo; Chai, Zhigang; Zhu, Jiefang et al.

    Autogenic electrolysis of water powered by solar and mechanical energy

    Part of Nano Energy, 2022.

    Open access
  • Karlsson, Dennis; Beran, Premysl; Riekehr, Lars; Tseng, Jo-Chi et al.

    Structure and Phase Transformations in Gas Atomized AlCoCrFeNi High Entropy Alloy Powders

    Part of Journal of Alloys and Compounds, 2022.

    Open access
  • Stanculescu, Dominic; Sepulveda, Nuno; Lim, Chin Leong; Bergquist, Jonas

    Lessons From Heat Stroke for Understanding Myalgic Encephalomyelitis/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

    Part of Frontiers in Neurology, 2021.

    Open access
  • Liu, Shan; Ji, Xing-Xiang; Zhu, Jie-Fang

    Recent Progress on the Synthesis and Biomedical Properties of Natural Biopolymer Composites

    Part of Current Medicinal Chemistry, p. 8243-8266, 2021.

  • Hermansson, Kersti

    Data Management Plans: the Importance of Data Management in the BIG-MAP Project

    Part of Batteries & Supercaps, p. 1803-1812, 2021.

  • Melin, Tim; Lundström, Robin; Berg, Erik

    Revisiting the Ethylene Carbonate–Propylene Carbonate Mystery with Operando Characterization

    Part of Advanced Materials Interfaces, p. 2101258-2101258, 2021.

  • Eungrasamee, Kamonchanock; Incharoensakdi, Aran; Lindblad, Peter; Jantaro, Saowarath

    Overexpression of lipA or glpD_RuBisCO in the Synechocystis sp. PCC 6803 Mutant Lacking the Aas Gene Enhances Free Fatty-Acid Secretion and Intracellular Lipid Accumulation

    Part of International Journal of Molecular Sciences, 2021.

    Open access
  • Geng, Xinjian; Abdellah, Mohamed; Vadell, Robert Bericat; Folkenant, Matilda et al.

    Direct Plasmonic Solar Cell Efficiency Dependence on Spiro-OMeTAD Li-TFSI Content

    Part of Nanomaterials, 2021.

    Open access
  • Shiino, Takayuki; Denoel, Fernand; Gebresenbut, Girma Hailu; Joshi, Deep Chandra et al.

    Singular magnetic dilution behavior in a quasicrystal approximant

    Part of Physical Review B, 2021.

    Open access
  • Glushkov, Alexander V; Khetselius, Olga Yu; Maruani, Jean; Brändas, Erkki J

    Advances in Methods and Applications of Quantum Systems in Chemistry, Physics, and Biology


  • Brändas, Erkki J.

    A Universe in Our Brain: Carnot’s Engine and Maxwell’s Demon

    Part of Progress in Theoretical Chemistry and Physics, p. 305-330, 2021.

  • McCarthy, Brian D.; Liseev, Timofey; Sortica, Mauricio A.; Paneta, Valentina et al.

    Elemental Depth Profiling of Intact Metal-Organic Framework Single Crystals by Scanning Nuclear Microprobe

    Part of Journal of the American Chemical Society, p. 18626-18634, 2021.

    Open access
  • Maltoni, Pierfrancesco; Ivanov, Sergey; Barucca, Gianni; Varvaro, Gaspare et al.

    Complex correlations between microstructure and magnetic behavior in SrFe12O19 hexaferrite nanoparticles

    Part of Scientific Reports, 2021.

    Open access
  • Park, Bumjun; Andersson, Rassmus; Pate, Sarah G.; Liu, Jiacheng et al.

    Ion Coordination and Transport in Magnesium Polymer Electrolytes Based on Polyester-co-Polycarbonate

    Part of Energy Material Advances, p. 1-14, 2021.

  • Brown, Kyle A.; Preston, Collin J.; Carpenter, Jessica M.; Ludwig, Helaina D. et al.

    Lacto-N-fucopentaose-III (LNFPIII) ameliorates acute aberrations in hippocampal synaptic transmission in a Gulf War Illness animal model

    Part of Brain Research, 2021.

  • Ali, Muhammad; McAuley, Mishal Mariam; Lüchow, Susanne; Knapp, Stefan et al.

    Integrated analysis of Shank1 PDZ interactions with C-terminal and internal binding motifs


    Open access
  • Lombardo, Teo; Duquesnoy, Marc; El-Bouysidy, Hassna; Årén, Fabian et al.

    Artificial Intelligence Applied to Battery Research: Hype or Reality?

    Part of Chemical Reviews, 2021.

  • Lourenco, Tuanan C; Ebadi, Mahsa; Panzer, Matthew J; Brandell, Daniel et al.

    A molecular dynamics study of a fully zwitterionic copolymer/ionic liquid-based electrolyte: Li+ transport mechanisms and ionic interactions

    Part of Journal of Computational Chemistry, p. 1689-1703, 2021.

  • Chien, Yu-Chuan; Jang, Hohyoun; Brandell, Daniel; Lacey, Matthew J

    Poly(Ethylene Glycol-block-2-Ethyl-2-Oxazoline) as Cathode Binder in Lithium-Sulfur Batteries

    Part of ChemistryOpen, p. 960-965, 2021.

  • de Lichtenberg, Casper; Kim, Christopher J; Chernev, Petko; Debus, Richard J et al.

    The exchange of the fast substrate water in the S-2 state of photosystem II is limited by diffusion of bulk water through channels - implications for the water oxidation mechanism

    Part of Chemical Science, p. 12763-12775, 2021.

    Open access
  • Knijff, Lisanne; Zhang, Chao

    Machine learning inference of molecular dipole moment in liquid water

    Part of Machine Learning: Science and Technology, 2021.

    Open access
  • Shao, Yunqi; Dietrich, Florian M.; Nettelblad, Carl; Zhang, Chao

    Training algorithm matters for the performance of neural network potential: A case study of Adam and the Kalman filter optimizers

    Part of Journal of Chemical Physics, 2021.

    Open access
  • Naz, Faiza; Tariq, Imran; Ali, Sajid; Somaida, Ahmed et al.

    The Role of Long Non-Coding RNAs (lncRNAs) in Female Oriented Cancers

    Part of Cancers, 2021.

    Open access
  • Colbin, Simon; Mogensen, Ronnie; Buckel, Alexander; Wang, Yong‐Lei et al.

    A Halogen‐Free and Flame‐Retardant Sodium Electrolyte Compatible with Hard Carbon Anodes

    Part of Advanced Materials Interfaces, p. 2101135-2101135, 2021.

  • Gond, Ritambhara; van Ekeren, Wessel; Mogensen, Ronnie; Naylor, Andrew J. et al.

    Non-flammable liquid electrolytes for safe batteries

    Part of Materials Horizons, p. 2913-2928, 2021.

  • Ma, Le Anh; Mogensen, Ronnie; Naylor, Andrew J.; Younesi, Reza

    Solid electrolyte interphase in Na-ion batteries

    Part of Na-ion batteries, 2021.

  • Erdélyi, Máté; Esterhuysen, Catharine; Zhu, Weiliang

    Halogen Bonding: From Fundamentals to Applications

    Part of ChemPlusChem, p. 1229-1230, 2021.

  • Maeda, Gasper; Gilissen, Pieter J.; Rudenko, Anastasia; van der Wal, Jelle et al.

    Oxygenated Cyclohexene Derivatives from the Stem and Root Barks of Uvaria pandensis

    Part of Journal of Natural Products, p. 3080-3089, 2021.

    Open access
  • Vavitsas, Konstantinos; Kugler, Amit; Satta, Alessandro; Hatzinikolaou, Dimitris G. et al.

    Doing synthetic biology with photosynthetic microorganisms

    Part of Physiologia Plantarum, p. 624-638, 2021.

  • Hussein, Rana; Ibrahim, Mohamed; Bhowmick, Asmit; Simon, Philipp S. et al.

    Structural dynamics in the water and proton channels of photosystem II during the S-2 to S-3 transition

    Part of Nature Communications, 2021.

    Open access
  • Deng, Tingzhi; Li, Jingjing; Liu, Jian; Xu, Fuyi et al.

    Hippocampal Transcriptome-Wide Association Study Reveals Correlations Between Impaired Glutamatergic Synapse Pathway and Age-Related Hearing Loss in BXD-Recombinant Inbred Mice

    Part of Frontiers in Neuroscience, 2021.

    Open access
  • Schepper, Jonas D. W.; Orthaber, Andreas; Pammer, Frank

    Preparation of Structurally and Electronically Diverse N -> B-Ladder Boranes by [2+2+2] Cycloaddition

    Part of Journal of Organic Chemistry, p. 14767-14776, 2021.

  • Vlachopoulos, Nick; Gratzel, Michael; Hagfeldt, Anders

    Solid-state dye-sensitized solar cells using polymeric hole conductors

    Part of RSC Advances, p. 39570-39581, 2021.

    Open access
  • Moghaddam, Navid Jameei; Feizi, Hadi; Mohammadi, Mohammad Reza; Bagheri, Robabeh et al.

    A Chemical Evolution-Like Method to Synthesize a Water-Oxidizing Catalyst

    Part of ChemElectroChem, p. 4612-4617, 2021.

  • Apriliyanto, Yusuf Bramastya; Battaglia, Stefano; Evangelisti, Stefano; Faginas-Lago, Noelia et al.

    Toward a Generalized Hückel Rule: The Electronic Structure of Carbon Nanocones

    Part of Journal of Physical Chemistry A, p. 9819-9825, 2021.

    Open access
  • Sekretaryova, Alina N.; Tian, Shiliang; Gounel, Sebastien; Mano, Nicolas et al.

    Electron Transfer to the Trinuclear Copper Cluster in Electrocatalysis by the Multicopper Oxidases

    Part of Journal of the American Chemical Society, p. 17236-17249, 2021.

  • Kisiel, Marta; Zhou, Xingwu; Björnsson, Eythor; Holm, Mathias et al.

    The risk of respiratory tract infections and antibiotic use in a general population and among people with asthma.

    Part of ERJ open research, 2021.

  • Kosourov, Sergey; Böhm, Maximilian; Senger, Moritz; Berggren, Gustav et al.

    Photosynthetic hydrogen production: Novel protocols, promising engineering approaches and application of semi‐synthetic hydrogenases

    Part of Physiologia Plantarum, p. 555-567, 2021.

  • Fransson, Thomas; Alonso-Mori, Roberto; Chatterjee, Ruchira; Cheah, Mun Hon et al.

    Effects of x-ray free-electron laser pulse intensity on the Mn K beta(1,3) x-ray emission spectrum in photosystem II-A case study for metalloprotein crystals and solutions


    Open access
  • Kuttruff, Joel; Gabbani, Alessio; Petrucci, Gaia; Zhao, Yingqi et al.

    Magneto-Optical Activity in Nonmagnetic Hyperbolic Nanoparticles

    Part of Physical Review Letters, 2021.

    Open access
  • Cheah, Mun Hon; Chernev, Petko

    Electrochemical oxidation of ferricyanide

    Part of Scientific Reports, 2021.

    Open access
  • Asfaw, Habtom Desta; Kotronia, Antonia

    A polymeric cathode-electrolyte interface enhances the performance of MoS2-graphite potassium dual-ion intercalation battery

    Part of Cell Reports Physical Science, 2021.

  • Ostrander, John; Younesi, Reza; Mogensen, Ronnie

    High Voltage Redox-Meditated Flow Batteries with Prussian Blue Solid Booster

    Part of Energies, p. 7498-7498, 2021.

  • Öhman, Sebastian; Qiu, Ren; Edvinsson, Tomas; Backe, Olof et al.

    Selective kinetic growth and role of local coordination in forming Al2TiO5-based coatings at lower temperatures

    Part of Materials Advances, p. 5737-5751, 2021.

  • Dürr, Robin N.; Maltoni, Pierfrancesco; Tian, Haining; Jousselme, Bruno et al.

    Correction to “From NiMoO4 to γ-NiOOH: Detecting the Active Catalyst Phase by Time Resolved in Situ and Operando Raman Spectroscopy”

    Part of ACS Nano, 2021.

  • Toolan, Daniel T. W.; Weir, Michael P.; Allardice, Jesse; Smith, Joel A. et al.

    Insights into the Structure and Self-Assembly of Organic-Semiconductor/Quantum-Dot Blends

    Part of Advanced Functional Materials, 2021.

  • Gray, Victor; Weiss, Leah; Rao, Akshay

    Singlet Fission: Mechanisms and Molecular Design

    Part of Emerging Strategies to Reduce Transmission and Thermalization Losses in Solar Cells, p. 291-311, 2021.

  • Al-Amin, Rasel A.; Johansson, Lars; Abdurakhmanov, Eldar; Landegren, Nils et al.

    Monitoring Drug-Target Interactions through Target Engagement-Mediated Amplification on Arrays and in situ


    Open access
  • Valvo, Mario; Asfaw, Habtom Desta; Ojwang, Dickson O.

    3 - Impact of nanomaterials on Li-ion battery anodes

    Part of Nanomaterials for Electrochemical Energy Storage, p. 55-98, 2021.

  • Ostli, Elise R.; Tesfamhret, Yonas; Wenner, Sigurd; Lacey, Matthew J. et al.

    Limitations of Ultrathin Al2O3 Coatings on LNMO Cathodes

    Part of ACS Omega, p. 30644-30655, 2021.

    Open access
  • Scharnweber, Kristin; Peura, Sari; Attermeyer, Katrin; Bertilsson, Stefan et al.

    Comprehensive analysis of chemical and biological problems associated with browning agents used in aquatic studies

    Part of Limnology and Oceanography, p. 818-835, 2021.

    Open access
  • Elbouazzaoui, Kenza; Srout, Mohammed; Saadoune, Ismael; Bih, Lahcen et al.

    NASICON-type Li0.5M0.5Ti1.5Fe0.5(PO4)3 (M = Mn, Co, Mg) phosphates as electrode materials for lithium-ion batteries

    Part of Electrochimica Acta, 2021.

  • Kruse, Thomas; Benz, Caroline; Garvanska, Dimitriya H.; Lindqvist, Richard et al.

    Large scale discovery of coronavirus-host factor protein interaction motifs reveals SARS-CoV-2 specific mechanisms and vulnerabilities

    Part of Nature Communications, 2021.

    Open access
  • Keable, Stephen M.; Kölsch, Adrian; Simon, Philipp S.; Dasgupta, Medhanjali et al.

    Room temperature XFEL crystallography reveals asymmetry in the vicinity of the two phylloquinones in photosystem I

    Part of Scientific Reports, 2021.

    Open access
  • Correia, Mario S. P.; Thapa, Bhawana; Vujasinovic, Miroslav; Löhr, J.-Matthias et al.

    Investigation of the individual human sulfatome in plasma and urine samples reveals an age-dependency

    Part of RSC Advances, p. 34788-34794, 2021.

    Open access
  • Brändas, Erkki

    The Fourier-Laplace Transform: A Conjugate Link Between the Material Brain and the Conscious Mind

    Part of Frontiers in Human Neuroscience, 2021.

    Open access
  • Ischenko, Olena V.; Dyachenko, Alla G.; Saldan, Ivan; Lisnyak, Vladyslav V. et al.

    Methanation of CO2 on bulk Co-Fe catalysts

    Part of International journal of hydrogen energy, p. 37860-37871, 2021.

  • Colozza, Noemi; Tazzioli, Sara; Sassolini, Alessandro; Agosta, Lorenzo et al.

    Vertical-Flow Paper Sensor for On-Site and Prompt Evaluation of Chloride Contamination in Concrete Structures

    Part of Analytical Chemistry, p. 14369-14374, 2021.

  • Castejon, Natalia; Parailloux, Maroussia; Izdebska, Aleksandra; Lobinski, Ryszard et al.

    Valorization of the Red Algae Gelidium sesquipedale by Extracting a Broad Spectrum of Minor Compounds Using Green Approaches

    Part of Marine Drugs, 2021.

    Open access
  • Ekspong, Joakim; Larsen, Christian; Stenberg, Jonas; Kwong, Wai Ling et al.

    Solar-Driven Water Splitting at 13.8% Solar-to-Hydrogen Efficiency by an Earth-Abundant Electrolyzer

    Part of ACS SUSTAINABLE CHEMISTRY & ENGINEERING, p. 14070-14078, 2021.

    Open access
  • Sun, Wenhao; Zhu, Jie-Fang; Zheng, Yuanhui

    Graphitic carbon nitride heterojunction photocatalysts for solar hydrogen production

    Part of International journal of hydrogen energy, p. 37242-37267, 2021.

    Open access
  • Singh, Suryansh; Lyle, Hanna; D'Amario, Luca; Magnano, Elena et al.

    Coherent Acoustic Interferometry during the Photodriven Oxygen Evolution Reaction Associates Strain Fields with the Reactive Oxygen Intermediate (Ti-OH*)

    Part of Journal of the American Chemical Society, p. 15984-15997, 2021.

  • Liu, Yawen; Kim, Byeong Jo; Wu, Hua; Boschloo, Gerrit et al.

    Efficient and Stable FAPbBr(3) Perovskite Solar Cells via Interface Modification by a Low-Dimensional Perovskite Layer

    Part of ACS Applied Energy Materials, p. 9276-9282, 2021.

    Open access
  • Mathew, Alma; Lacey, Matthew J.; Brandell, Daniel

    Investigating oxidative stability of lithium-ion battery electrolytes using synthetic charge-discharge profile voltammetry


    Open access
  • Samarasingha, Pushpaka B.; Lee, Ming-Tao; Valvo, Mario

    Reactive surface coating of metallic lithium and its role in rechargeable lithium metal batteries

    Part of Electrochimica Acta, 2021.

    Open access
  • Chen, Lu; Pan, Linfeng; van Muyden, Antoine P.; Bai, Lichen et al.

    Anchoring single platinum atoms onto nickel nanoparticles affords highly selective catalysts for lignin conversion


    Open access
  • Li, Changjiu; Yang, Wenhao; He, Wen; Zhang, Xudong et al.

    Multifunctional surfactants for synthesizing high-performance energy materials

    Part of Energy Storage Materials, p. 1-19, 2021.

    Open access
  • Zang, Xu-Feng; Cheng, Haoliang; Chen, Min; Zhang, Yingying et al.

    The role of the pi-bridge length in the performance of diketopyrrolopyrrole-based organic dyes for dye-sensitized solar cells

    Part of Synthetic metals, 2021.

    Open access
  • Zhang, Leiting; Tsolakidou, Chrysi; Mariyappan, Sathiya; Tarascon, Jean-Marie et al.

    Unraveling gas evolution in sodium batteries by online electrochemical mass spectrometry

    Part of Energy Storage Materials, p. 12-21, 2021.

    Open access
  • von Fieandt, Kristina; Pilloud, David; Fritze, Stefan; Osinger, Barbara et al.

    Optical and electrical properties of hard (Hf,Nb,Ti,V,Zr)N-x thin films

    Part of Vacuum, 2021.

    Open access
  • Lindblad, Sofia; Boróka Németh, Flóra; Földes, Tamás; von der Heiden, Daniel et al.

    The Influence of Secondary Interactions on the [N−I−N]+ Halogen Bond

    Part of Chemistry - A European Journal, p. 13748-13756, 2021.

    Open access
  • von der Heiden, Daniel; Németh, Flóra Boróka; Andreasson, Måns; Sethio, Daniel et al.

    Are bis(pyridine)iodine(i) complexes applicable for asymmetric halogenation?

    Part of Organic and biomolecular chemistry, p. 8307-8323, 2021.

    Open access
  • Umereweneza, Daniel; Molel, Jackson T.; Said, Joanna; Atilaw, Yoseph et al.

    Antiviral iridoid glycosides from Clerodendrum myricoides

    Part of Fitoterapia, 2021.

    Open access
  • Amaro-Gahete, Juan; Pavliuk, Mariia V.; Tian, Haining; Esquivel, Dolores et al.

    Catalytic systems mimicking the [FeFe]-hydrogenase active site for visible-light-driven hydrogen production

    Part of Coordination chemistry reviews, 2021.

    Open access
  • Gera, Rahul; Bakker, Huib J.; Franklin-Mergarejo, Ricardo; Morzan, Uriel N. et al.

    Emergence of Electric Fields at the Water-C12E6 Surfactant Interface

    Part of Journal of the American Chemical Society, p. 15103-15112, 2021.

  • Blachucki, Wojciech; Kayser, Yves; Wach, Anna; Fanselow, Rafal et al.

    Resonant X-ray Emission Spectroscopy with a SASE Beam

    Part of Applied Sciences, 2021.

    Open access
  • Niborski, Leticia L.; Potenza, Mariana; Chirivi, Renato G. S.; Simonetti, Leandro et al.

    Recombinant antibody against Trypanosoma cruzi from patients with chronic Chagas heart disease recognizes mammalian nervous system

    Part of EBioMedicine, 2021.

    Open access
  • Amin, Muhammad Umair; Ali, Sajid; Tariq, Imran; Ali, Muhammad Yasir et al.

    Ultrasound-Responsive Smart Drug Delivery System of Lipid Coated Mesoporous Silica Nanoparticles

    Part of Pharmaceutics, 2021.

    Open access
  • Gerdin Hulkko, Johan; Böör, Katalin; Qiu, Ren; Backe, Olof et al.

    Kinetics of the low-pressure chemical vapor deposited tungsten nitride process using tungsten hexafluoride and ammonia precursors

    Part of Journal of Vacuum Science & Technology. A. Vacuum, Surfaces, and Films, 2021.

    Open access
  • Paul-Boncour, V; Herrero, A.; Shtender, Vitalii; Provost, K. et al.

    Magnetic transitions with magnetocaloric effects near room temperature related to structural transitions in Y0.9Pr0.1Fe2D3.5 deuteride

    Part of Journal of Applied Physics, 2021.

  • Alvarez, Sol Gutierrez; Lin, Weihua; Abdellah, Mohamed; Meng, Jie et al.

    Charge Carrier Diffusion Dynamics in Multisized Quaternary Alkylammonium-Capped CsPbBr3 Perovskite Nanocrystal Solids

    Part of ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces, p. 44742-44750, 2021.

    Open access
  • Carpenter, Jessica M.; Brown, Kyle A.; Diaz, Alexa N.; Dockman, Rachel L. et al.

    Delayed treatment with the immunotherapeutic LNFPIII ameliorates multiple neurological deficits in a pesticide-nerve agent prophylactic mouse model of Gulf War Illness

    Part of Neurotoxicology and Teratology, 2021.

  • Yamashita, Takuma; Kino, Yasushi; Hiyama, Emiko; Jonsell, Svante et al.

    Four-body Calculation of Inelastic Scattering Cross Sections of Positronium-Antihydrogen Collision

    Part of Few-body systems, 2021.

  • Dürr, Robin N.; Maltoni, Pierfrancesco; Tian, Haining; Jousselme, Bruno et al.

    From NiMoO4 to gamma-NiOOH: Detecting the Active Catalyst Phase by Time Resolved in Situ and Operando Raman Spectroscopy

    Part of ACS Nano, p. 13504-13515, 2021.

    Open access
  • Gudla, Harish; Shao, Yunqi; Phunnarungsi, Supho; Brandell, Daniel et al.

    Importance of the Ion-Pair Lifetime in Polymer Electrolytes

    Part of Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters, p. 8460-8464, 2021.

    Open access
  • Vali, Mehran; Moezi, Negin; Heidari, Hadi; Bayani, Amirhossein

    A Scheme of Quantum Tunnel Field Effect Transistor Based on Armchair Graphene Nano-Ribbon

    Part of ECS Journal of Solid State Science and Technology, 2021.

    Open access
  • Cattani, Daiane; Struyf, Nona; Steffensen, Vivien; Bergquist, Jonas et al.

    Perinatal exposure to a glyphosate-based herbicide causes dysregulation of dynorphins and an increase of neural precursor cells in the brain of adult male rats

    Part of Toxicology, 2021.

    Open access
  • Shoji, Yoshiaki; Ikabata, Yasuhiro; Ryzhii, Ivan; Ayub, Rabia et al.

    Inside Cover: An Element-Substituted Cyclobutadiene Exhibiting High-Energy Blue Phosphorescence (Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 40/2021)

    Part of Angewandte Chemie International Edition, p. 21598-21598, 2021.

  • Shylin, Sergii I.; Pogrebetsky, James L.; Husak, Alina O.; Bykov, Dmytro et al.

    Expanding manganese(iv) aqueous chemistry: unusually stable water-soluble hexahydrazide clathrochelate complexes

    Part of Chemical Communications, p. 11060-11063, 2021.

  • Cotter, Laura F.; Pettersson-Rimgard, Belinda; Parada, Giovanny A.; Mayer, James M. et al.

    Solvent and Temperature Effects on Photoinduced Proton-Coupled Electron Transfer in the Marcus Inverted Region

    Part of Journal of Physical Chemistry A, p. 7670-7684, 2021.

    Open access
  • Cotter, Laura F.; Pettersson-Rimgard, Belinda; Parada, Giovanny A.; Mayer, James M. et al.

    Solvent and Temperature Effects on Photoinduced Proton-Coupled Electron Transfer in the Marcus Inverted Region

    Part of Journal of Physical Chemistry A, p. 7670-7684, 2021.

  • Pettersson Rimgard, Belinda

    Tailing Charges on New Paths: Ultrafast intramolecular charge transfer in chromophores

    Open access
  • Laursen, Louise; Gianni, Stefano; Jemth, Per

    Dissecting Inter-domain Cooperativity in the Folding of a Multi Domain Protein

    Part of Journal of Molecular Biology, 2021.

    Open access
  • Jacobsen, Henrik; Florea, Ovidiu; Lhotel, Elsa; Lefmann, Kim et al.

    Spin dynamics of the director state in frustrated hyperkagome systems

    Part of Physical Review B, 2021.

  • Otieno, Austine O.; Home, Patrick G.; Raude, James M.; Murunga, Sylvia I. et al.

    Pineapple peel biochar and lateritic soil as adsorbents for recovery of ammonium nitrogen from human urine

    Part of Journal of Environmental Management, 2021.

  • Karlsson, Oskar; Rocklöv, Joacim; Lehoux, Alizée P.; Bergquist, Jonas et al.

    The human exposome and health in the Anthropocene

    Part of International Journal of Epidemiology, p. 378-389, 2021.

    Open access
  • Sollert, Carina; Kócsi, Dániel; Jane, Reuben T.; Orthaber, Andreas et al.

    C-glycosylated pyrroles and their application in dipyrromethane and porphyrin synthesis

    Part of Journal of Porphyrins and Phthalocyanines, p. 741-755, 2021.

  • Suo, Jiajia; Yang, Bowen; Hagfeldt, Anders

    Passivation Strategies through Surface Reconstruction toward Highly Efficient and Stable Perovskite Solar Cells on n-i-p Architecture

    Part of Energies, 2021.

    Open access
  • Andersson, Mikael; Stavila, Vitalie; Skripov, Alexander, V; Dimitrievska, Mirjana et al.

    Promoting Persistent Superionic Conductivity in Sodium Monocarba-closo-dodecaborate NaCB11H12 via Confinement within Nanoporous Silica

    Part of The Journal of Physical Chemistry C, p. 16689-16699, 2021.

    Open access
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