Our research projects

Conformer populations in host-guest complexes

Relative stereochemistry of multiple stereocenters.

Conformational restriction of flexible molecules with multiple stereocenters allows the determination of their relative stereochemistry.

Absolute stereochemistry via host-guest complexes

Determination of absolute stereochemistry by circular dichroism via induced helicity in bis-metalloporphyrins

Development of enhanced host systems for stereochemical analysis of organic guest molecules.

Photoswitchable peptidomimetics

Modulation of molecular properties: ”Photoswitchable” peptidomimetics allowing to manipulate functionality by external steering

Artificial amino acids incorporating a photoisomerizable chromophor are integrated into the backbones of peptides.

Conducting redox polymers

Building blocks for conducting redox polymers (with M. Strømme)

                                                  organic battery

Conducting redox polymers (CRPs) combine the properties of conducting organic polymers such as polypyrrol or polythiophene and a covalently attached pendant redox group.