European Workshop in Phosphorus Chemistry in Uppsala


Last chance to register for the EWPC-15 in Uppsala Sweden! Deadline 31st of January 2018.

We are very pleased to hold the 15th European Workshop in Phosphorus Chemistry at Uppsala University in Sweden. Further details on registration abstraction submission etc. can be found at

The organizing committee
Andreas Orthaber, Sascha Ot, and Chris Slootweg

News and Events

PhD thesis defense: Brigitta Németh                                                                                  Brigitta Németh defends her PhD thesis, "The birth of the hydrogenase", in Å4101 Ångström Laboratory, November 6 at 9:15 hrs. The opponent is  Dr Mohamed Atta from  iRTSV CEA Grenoble. Thesis is available here:

CAP meeting                                                                                                                      The next CAP meeting is on November 4.