Grant from the Engkvist foundation


A two-years postdoctoral fellowship is granted from the Olle-Engkvist foundation to support the Orthaber group.

We are very greatful to Stiftelsen Olle-Engkvist Byggmästare for their continued support of our work. The latest project will investigate the electrochemical processes in Frustrated Lewis pair- mediated carbon dioxide reduction. 

News and Events

PhD thesis defense: Brigitta Németh                                                                                  Brigitta Németh defends her PhD thesis, "The birth of the hydrogenase", in Å4101 Ångström Laboratory, November 6 at 9:15 hrs. The opponent is  Dr Mohamed Atta from  iRTSV CEA Grenoble. Thesis is available here:

CAP meeting                                                                                                                      The next CAP meeting is on November 4.