News and Events

Manuel and Sergii's work featured on cover of ChemComm!

Manuel and Sergii's paper, Spin transition in a ferrous chloride complex supported by a pentapyridine ligand, has been featured on the cover of the March 4, 2020 (Volume 56) issue of ChemComm! Congratulations!

BUUR meeting, March 27-29

SUNRISE Sweden Stakeholder Event, March 17

CAP meeting, March 2

Postdoc position: Electrochemical investigation of plasmon-driven catalysis

We have a two-year postdoc position working on "Electrochemical investigation of plasmon-driven catalysis". Please send your application no later than Feb 1, 2020. (Status: OPEN).

PhD thesis defense: Brigitta Németh, Nov. 6, 9:15

Brigitta Németh defends her PhD thesis, "The birth of the hydrogenase", in Å4101 Ångström Laboratory, November 6 at 9:15 hrs. The opponent is  Dr Mohamed Atta from  iRTSV CEA Grenoble.

CAP meeting, November 4

Seminar: Prof. Patrick Holland, Yale University (May 18th, 15:15)

Seminar: Carl Johan Wallentin, Gothenburg University (10:30, May 10th 2017)

Title: Acyl Radical Chemistry in the Age of Photoredox Catalysis
Ass.-Prof. Carl Johan Wallentin, Gothenburg University

Seminar: Prof. Belén Martín-Matute, Stockholm Univ. (April 26,15:15)

Wednesday, April 26, 15:15 the seminar room, house 7, floor 1
Selective Synthesis of (Halogenated) Building Blocks Mediated by Homogeneous and Heterogeneous Catalysts. Insights into the Mechanisms.

Seminar: Prof. Phillip Kurz, Univ Freiburg. (March 28, 10.15h)

"Bio-inspired, molybdenum-based reduction catalysts: one molecular and one solid-state example"
in the seminar room on House 7, floor 1.