Main group polymers in Chem Comm.


Daniels paper on phospha- and arsaalkene containing polymers is accepted in Chem. Comm. CONGRATS !!

Big thanks to all the contributors!

"Functional small-molecules & polymers containing P=C and As=C bonds as hybrid p-conjugated materials" 
Daniel Morales Salazar, Edgar Mijangos, Sonja Pullen, Ming Gao and Andreas Orthaber
Chemical Communications, 2016, DOI: 10.1039/C6CC08736A (link
This paper is now open-access.

Stable phospha- and arsaalkenes were used to synthesize polymers containing unsaturated P=C and A=C moieties. The composition, chemical environment, structure, optical, and electronic properties of the monomers and polymers were elucidated. The incorporation of the heteroatom-carbon double bonded units efficiently perturbs the optoelectronics and solid state features of both monomeric and polymeric scaffolds. Proof-of principle work supports the responsive character through post-functionalisation and electro-chromic behaviour. To the best of our knowledge, this is the first example of a polymer containing arsenic-carbon double bonds.

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