About the research programme in Biochemistry

Head of Biochemistry program: Helena Danielson

Postal address: Box 576, 75123 Uppsala
Visiting address: Husargatan 3, House B7 level 3

A heritage to be proud of

More than 100 years of excellence in research and innovation in biochemistry. 

Arne Tiselius
Arne Tiselius
The Svedberg


1926  - The Svedberg "for his work on disperse systems”
1948  - Arne Tiselius  "for his research on electrophoresis and adsorption analysis, especially for his discoveries concerning the complex nature of the serum proteins”

Innovations: Ultracentrifugation, electrophoresis, chromatography

Our visions for the future

Exploring and exploiting biomolecules for a healthier and sustainable world

  • Characterization of the interactome of biological systems
  • Discovery of drugs with optimal efficacy and safety
  • Development of vaccines for autoimmune disorders

  • Understanding the stereoselectivity of biological catalysts
  • Design of enzyme based fuel cells for complete combustion