Welcome to Lind research group

The research focuses on method developments within mass spectrometry-based (MS) proteomics in order to understand how cells signal via protein-protein-interactions (PPI) and posttranslational modifications (PTMs).

We develop tailored methods for analysis of weak PPIs and PTMs at low concentrations in cells. The methods are important for understanding different diseases as infections and cancer. The research is translational and connects analytical chemistry with cell and molecular biology and medical proteomics.

On-going research projects

PostDoc Projects

We are looking for candidates interesting in joining the group as postdoctoral fellows to conduct research in our different projects.

If you are talented and highly motivated with previous training in analytical chemistry/ mass spectrometry/ proteomics, please contact sara.lind@kemi.uu.se for inquiries and make sure to attach an updated CV and contact details for two referees.


You are welcome to join us in your master thesis project. Suitable projects will be designed from the projects in the group.

Please contact sara.lind@kemi.uu.se for more information.