Degree projects in analytical chemistry

If you are interested in doing a degree project within analytical chemistry, please contact Marit Andersson

EACH – Excellence in Analytical Chemistry

An international two-year joint master degree programme, EACH – Excellence in Analytical Chemistry, educates specialists in analytical chemistry. The specialisation EACH is an Erasmus mundus programme that is taught by four universities: University of Tartu (UT, coordinator), Estonia; Uppsala University (UU), Sweden; University Claude Bernard Lyon 1 (UCBL), France; and Åbo Akademi University (AAU), Finland. The programme has been recognized by the EU as a joint master degree program. All students spend the first study year in Tartu. The second year is oriented towards specific applications of analytical chemistry and is spent either at UCBL, UU or AAU. More information and application procedure:

Inspirational lecture in Analytical Chemistry

 "To measure is to know - how Analytical Chemists sort out life, the universe and everything"