How to combine life-determining molecules

Bone healing, cancer treatment... the list of Professor Jöns Hilborn’s research interests is long. But they all have a single objective in common: to bond molecular pieces of a jigsaw puzzle.

Meet the researcher who was diagnosed with cancer himself

Research Networks


- Angiogenesis-inducing Bioactive and Bioresponsive Scaffolds in Tissue Engineering.


- Rational Bioactive Materials Design for Tissue Regeneration.


- Design, construction and demonstration of solar biofuel production using novel (photo)synthetic cell factories.

Junior Faculty at Uppsala University

- Junior Faculty is an organization for junior researchers at Uppsala University.


- Stem Cells for Regenerative Therapy.

Uppsala Center for Computational Chemistry  - UC3

- Uppsala Center for Computational Chemistry, UC3, is a virtual center consisting of research groups at Uppsala university working in the field of computational chemistry.

Postgraduate studies

A laurel-crown.

The postgraduate training provides the proficiency and experience necessary for carrying out independent research, over and above the specifications stipulated for basic and advanced level university education. After graduating you will be well prepared and qualified for a position at the best universities, nationally and internationally, in industry, public agencies, and society in general. If you are interested to start graduate studies, contact the research program  that you are interested in. The Faculty of Science and Technology holds the overall supervisory responsibility for postgraduate training.

Cannon salute outside Uppsala Castle during the conferment ceremony 2019.
Cannon salute during the conferment ceremony the 24th of May, 2019