Aida Zuberovic Muratovic develops methods to find blowfish poison


Our oceans contain bacteria and algae that produce toxins. These toxins can be absorbed by mussels and oysters, which is good for the environment but not for humans who consume them. Researcher Aida Zuberovic Muratovic, Analytical Chemistry, is working to develop methods for finding these new toxins. 

Some toxins cause stomach disorders, some are neurotoxins and can cause more serious illness and even death. With rising sea temperatures, new types of toxins can be formed in the Swedish oceans, such as the very dangerous poison found in blowfish.

Researcher Aida Zuberovic Muratovic is now, together with Prof. Jonas Bergquist, at the Department of Chemistry - BMC, Analytical Chemistry, developing methods for finding these new toxins that can develop in Swedish waters. The research is a two-year collaborative project between the Swedish Food Agency and the research programme in Analytical Chemistry at Uppsala University, with funding from the Foundation for Strategic Research (SSF).

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Last modified: 2023-10-04