Doctoral students within Synthetic Molecular Chemistry awarded for their PhD theses


Ben Johnson and Nicolas D'Imperio, two former PhD students in Prof. Sascha Ott's research group within the Synthetic Molecular Chemistry research programme at the Department of Chemistry - Ångström, who defended their dissertations in 2020 are now both awarded for their respective PhD theses. 

Anna Sundström Award 2021

Ben JohnsonBen Johnson has been awarded the Anna Sundström Award 2021 from the Swedish Chemical Society for the best PhD thesis in inorganic chemistry in Sweden 2020. He is awarded the prize for his thesis entitled "Interrogating diffusional Mass and Charge Transport in Catalytic Metal-Organic Frameworks".

Ben will receive the award and give a presentation on his work on October 27, when the Section for Inorganic Chemistry holds its annual symposium, which this year it is being held digitally.

The Anna Sundström Award on the Chemistry Society's website.

Borealis Student Innovation Award

Nicolas D'ImperioNicolas D'Imperio was awarded the Borealis Student Innovation Award for best PhD thesis on olefins globally in 2020, for his thesis "Olefins from carbonyls: Development of new phosphorus-based cross-coupling reactions".

The company Borealis is an Austrian company specializing in circular polyolefin solutions and basic chemicals, fertilizers and mechanical recycling of plastics.

An online ceremony will be held on May 18 where Nicolas will also present his work.

The Borealis Student Innovation Award on the Borealis website.

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Sascha Ott's research group on the Department website.

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