The Phabian Award for best PhD thesis 2020 to Malin Källsten


The alumni Malin Källsten, a previous PhD student in Analytical Chemistry at the Department of Chemistry - BMC who defended her dissertation in March this year, has received this year's Phabian award for best doctoral thesis from the Swedish Pharmaceutical Society (Apotekarsocieteten).

Malin's dissertation on methods for analyzing antibody-linked drugs won this year's edition of the Swedish Pharmaceutical Society's Phabian Prize on the grounds that the dissertation involves "significant research on analytical tools for future drugs against cancer and other serious diseases".

The Phabian Award was established by the Swedish Pharmaceutical Society's Section for Drug Analysis in 2004 and is awarded annually for the best Swedish doctoral thesis in the field of pharmaceutical and biomedical analysis. The prize winner receives a scholarship of SEK 25,000, has the opportunity to give a lecture in connection with the award ceremony and is also appointed as a co-opted member of the board in the Section for Drug Analysis during the following year.

Find out more about the appointment on the Swedish Pharmaceutical Society's website. (In Swedish.)

Malin's thesis entitled "Development and evaluation of analytical techniques for antibodies and antibody-drug conjugates. From verification of conjugation to stability testing." can be found in full text in DiVA.

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Last modified: 2023-10-04