Three companies connected to Chemistry - Ångström among Sweden's best startups according to Ny Teknik


Logo for NyTeknik's 33 listEvery year, Ny Teknik (New Technology) lists the most innovative and promising young technology companies for the year. And this year, THREE companies founded by researchers at the Department of Chemistry - Ångström are included in the list: Peapowl Solar Power and Altris, both new on the list, and Graphmatech who made the list in 2019 as well. 

Peafowl Solar Power was started in 2018 by Jacinto Sa and Cristina Paun at Physical Chemistry. The company has developed a new type of solar cell that generates electricity from vibrating nanoparticles, that worsk indoors. The idea is that the solar cells should be able to power IoT products (IoT = Internet of things, i.e. smart household products connected to internet). (

Altris was started in 2017 by Reza Younesi, William Brant, Ronnie Mogensen, Adam Dahlquist, Paul Larsson and Tim Nordh at Structural Chemistry. The company has developed a new way to produce sodium based cathode material using only renewable materials. This discovery enables a new generation of batteries that are both environment-friendly and cheaper to produce. (

Graphmatech was started in 2017 by Mamoun Taher at Inorganic Chemistry, together with Björn Lindh. The company has created a patented hybrid-graphene material that has made it possible to produce plastic with high electrical and thermal conductivity, and which can contribute to cobalt-free batteries. (

The entire article, including more information about the list and the listed companies, can be found on Ny Teknik's website: "33-list 2020 - here are Sweden's best technology startups". (In Swedish.)

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Last modified: 2023-10-04