Solar-powerd truck on the roads


Truck with the trailer
Truck with the solar trailer on the road. Photo: Scania.

A unique hybrid truck with a trailer covered in solar panels is now being tested on public roads. This is a result of a two-year research project, run by Prof. Erik Johansson at Physical Chemistry. 

The project started in 2021 and is a collaboration between Erik Johansson's research group at Uppsala University, vehicle manufacturer Scania, trailer manufacturer MT Eksjö, solar cell manufacturer Midsummer, haulage company Ernsts Express, and energy company Dalakraft. It is funded by the Vinnova programme "Challenge-driven innovation".  

The solar energy decreases operational costs and local emissions significantly because of the truck's self-produced energy. It will be possible to follow the truck and get an update on its status on the project website. 

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Last modified: 2023-10-04