The Swedish Research Council invests in center for life chemistry


Ingela LanekoffThe centre for life chemistry, "Chemical Mechanisms of Life", is led by Professor Ingela Lanekoff at the Department of Chemistry - BMC and is one of 15 research environments in total that are considered to have great potential for innovative research and that the Swedish Research Council (VR) has decided to finance in their excellence initiative. 

Within the research environment, researchers will combine knowledge about the chemical mechanisms of life within individual fields in order to investigate, and understand, various aspects of what is described as the chemistry of life.

There will be seminars, workshops and courses for students as well as doctoral students at the centre. The idea is for the centre to function as a hub, where researchers with different backgrounds and expertise can find collaboration partners across the traditional subject boundaries.

In addition to Ingela Lanekoff, the initiators are Prof. Sebastian Westenhoff and Prof. Máté Erdélyi at the Department of Chemistry - BMC, as well as Prof. Katja Petzold at the Department of Medical Biochemistry and Microbiology.

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Last modified: 2023-10-04