Interpreting Lipinski's "rule of 5"


In 1997, Christopher A. Lipinski and his colleagues published their guidelines for how to make drugs that are more easily absorbed by the body, and for several years their "rule of 5" has been the guiding principle in drug research and drug design. The question is now asked, whether maybe these guidelines have been interpreted too literally.

Professor Jan Kihlberg has (with others) been interviewed by the journal Chemical & Engineering News (C&EN) about the importance of Lipinski's rule of five when evaluating new drug candidates. The article raises the question of how to interpret Lipinski's criteria, so as not to abandon potentially useful drug candidates on incorrect grounds.

Read the article "Wrestling with Lipinski's rule of 5" in Chemical & Engineering News.
Read Christopher A. Lipinski's article from 1997 in Advanced Drug Delivery Review.

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Last modified: 2023-10-04