Two department start-ups once again on the "33-list" of promising young companies


Ny Tekik 33 ListEach year, Ny Teknik (New Technology, a weekly Swedish magazine) lists the most innovative and promising young Swedish technology start-up companies for the year in something called "the 33-list". This year, two companies founded by researchers at the Department of Chemistry - Ångström are once again included on the list: Peafowl Plasmonics and Altris - for the second and third year in a row! 

AltrisAltris was founded in 2017 by, among others, Reza Younesi, William Brant, Ronnie Mogensen, and Tim Nordh at Structural Chemistry. They manufactures cathode materials for sodium ion batteries in an inexpensive way. Since this is Altris' third time on the list, they are now listed as a "golden company".

Peafowl PlasmonicsPeafowl Plasmonics was founded in 2018 by Jacinto Sá, together with Cristina Paun, at Physical Chemistry, to commercialize the world’s first direct plasmonic solar cell, with applications in self-powered dynamic windows and integrated power supply for smart sensors and electronic devices.

Read the full article on Uppsala University's central website.

See link to the list on Ny Teknik's website (in Swedish, behind a paywall) and a shorter summary on Ny Teknik Insight (in Swedish). 

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Last modified: 2023-10-04