Chemistry - at two campuses

As a chemistry student at Uppsala University you are where it's at. The training takes place at two of the University's most exciting campuses: the Ångström Laboratory and the Biomedical Centre (BMC)

Campus map: An overview map of Uppsala with all campus areas, and Gotland.
Here is an overview of the Uppsala University all campuses with the Ångström Laboratory and BMC marked. All (except Gotland) are within a radius of 10 minutes cycling from the city center.
  • The Department of Chemistry - Ångström is situated at the Ångström Laboratory, within the campus area Polacksbacken, which is one of Europe's most advanced laboratories for research and education in technology, materials and energy. The research is in the international front, including atomic design of functional materials for applications such as electronics, solar cells, batteries and sensors.
  • The Department of Chemistry - BMC is situated at the Biomedical Centre (BMC), one of the largest centers for life sciences. This research and education in areas such as chemistry, molecular and structural biology, physiology, and various pharmaceutical disciplines. This interdisciplinary fusion of substances that enrich each provides unique conditions for such development of new drugs.
Last modified: 2022-10-21