The education programmes in chemistry

Master programme in Chemistry, 120 credits

The master programme in chemistry offers a choice between nine study tracks, all of which are based on strong areas of research at Uppsala University, providing you with cutting-edge expertise through in-depth studies in the particular area of your choice.

You may also choose, within the framework of your degree, to combine chemistry studies with subjects such as entrepreneurship, languages or project management.

Bachelor programme in Chemistry, 180 credits

(The bachelor programme in chemistry is only available in Swedish.)

Chemistry Engineering Programme, 300 credits

(The chemistry engineering programme is only available in Swedish.)

Upper Secondary School Teacher Education Programme, 330 credits

(The upper secondary school teacher education programme is only available in Swedish.)

Courses in chemistry

Below you can see all the courses we provide within chemistry during this academic year. You can also use the filters on the side to narrow your selection. 

Information of which chemistry courses are provided within the programmes are stated in the programme links above. 

Last modified: 2021-04-15