Guides and routines

Here you will find guides and information about various routines at the Section of Chemistry to help you as a teacher.

Guides according to roles

Selected routines and functions

Laboratory classes - assessment and policies

Most courses have laboratory classes. General guidlelines for assessing student performance in laboratory classes for the first three semesters of chemistry degree programs at the bachelor level have been developed. These should be applied with due regard to the course in question.

Safety Regulations

Risk assessment

Pre- and post-course meetings

Suspected cheating/plagarism

  • If you suspect cheating/plagiarism, stop marking the work and inform the course coordinator immediately. The course coordinator must then gather the relevant background information and contact the Director of Studies as soon as possible.

  • The teacher who detected the suspected cheating/plagiarim does not have to contact the student. The Director of Studies will together with the course coordinator on the relevant course of action and where necessary call the student to a meeting, in accordance with the UU Routine for dealing with suspected deceptive conduct in examinations.

Re-sits for current and discontinued courses

Last modified: 2023-06-16