Dissertations in chemistry

Upcoming and completed dissertations within the Section of Chemistry during the present year (2021).

  • Häggsalen, Ångströmlaboratoriet, Lägerhyddsvägen 1, Uppsala 2021-11-16 13:15

    Meier de Andrade, Ageo

    Transition metal and alloy catalysts in the light of computational materials modelling

    Open access
  • Polhemsalen, Ångströmlaboratoriet, Lägerhyddsvägen 1, Uppsala 2021-11-05 09:15

    Chien, Yu-Chuan

    Operando Characterisation of Lithium–Sulfur Batteries

    Open access
  • Polhemsalen, Ångströmslaboratoriet, Lägerhyddsvägen 1, Uppsala 2021-10-29 09:15

    Eriksson, Therese

    Cation Conduction and Coordination in Carbonyl-Containing Compounds: Li+ Transport in Alternative Polymer Electrolyte Host Materials

    Open access
  • Häggsalen, Ångströmlaboratoriet, Lägerhyddsvägen 1, Uppsala 2021-10-22 09:15

    Pacheco, Victor

    Processing–Structure–Properties Relationship in Metal Additive Manufacturing

    Open access
  • Karlsson, Dennis

    Additive Manufacturing of Ferritic Materials: A Journey from Stainless Steels to High-Entropy Alloys

    Open access
  • Correia, Mario S. P.

    Development of chemical biology tools for metabolomics analysis: Phase II modifications as a link between host and microbiota co-metabolism

    Open access
  • Costeira-Paulo, Joana

    Advanced computations and mass-spectrometric techniques to unravel the dynamics and interactions of proteins

    Open access
  • Ma, Le Anh

    Anti-Ageing Strategies: How to avoid failure in sodium-ion batteries

    Open access
  • Boniolo, Manuel

    Structural, Electronic and Reactive Properties of Pentapyridyl - Base Metal Complexes: Relevance for Water Oxidation Catalysis

    Open access
  • Kotronia, Antonia

    Probing Critical Interfaces in Dual-Ion Batteries: The Road Towards Performant Graphite Cathodes

    Open access
  • Tyburski, Robin

    Deciphering the Mechanistic Diversity of Proton-Coupled Electron Transfer Reactions

    Open access
  • Menon, Ashok S.

    Synthesis–Structure–Property Relationships in Li- and Mn-rich Layered Oxides

    Open access
  • Sångeland, Christofer

    Exploring the Frontiers of Polymer Electrolytes for Battery Applications: From Surface to Bulk

    Open access
  • Ihrfors, Charlotte

    Electrochemical characterisations of TiO2 nanotube and lithium-metal electrodes for lithium-based batteries

    Open access
  • Ek, Gustav

    Hunting Hydrogen: Structure-property relations in High Entropy Alloy-based metal hydrides

    Open access
  • Liseev, Timofey

    Toward functional Metal-Organic Frameworks: molecular doping, depth profiling, and surface growth

    Open access
  • Ammothum Kandy, Akshay Krishna

    Linear models for multiscale materials simulations: Towards a seamless linking of electronic and atomistic models for complex metal oxides

    Open access
  • Hattori, Yocefu

    Charge Separation on Localized Surface Plasmon and Hot Carrier Transfer to Semiconductors

    Open access
  • FitzGerald, Edward A.

    Fragment-based drug discovery: Novel methods and strategies for identifying and evolving fragment leads

    Open access
  • Wegelius, Adam

    Expression and synthetic activation of [FeFe]-hydrogenases in cyanobacteria

    Open access
Last modified: 2021-05-21