Master's Programme in Chemistry

The specialisations within the Master's Programme in Chemistry

We offer 8 different specialisations within the Master's Programme in Chemistry at Uppsala University: Analytical chemistry, biochemistry, bio- and nanomaterials, physical chemistry, chemistry for renewable energy, chemical biology, organic chemistry, as well as theoretical chemistry and computational chemistry. Below you find links to more information about each specialisation.

In addition to the mentioned specialisations, we also offer the Master's Programme in Analytical Chemistry - EACH (Excellence in Analytical Chemistry, an Erasmus-Mundus programme) as well as a new Master's Programme in Battery Technology and Energy Storage

Why study Chemistry at Uppsala University?

Uppsala University is a highly ranked university, and two of our eight Nobel laureates have been chemists. The chemistry education at Uppsala University was also ranked excellent in the latest ranking by the Centre for Higher Education Development, and was ranked top 100 by the QS World University Rankings.

A degree from Uppsala University will give you advantages in your career, not least thanks to the close connection to excellent and world leading research, but you will also have the opportunity to develop a personal contact network. You will have a personal mentor who will invite you to seminars, group-meetings and other events in order to prepare you for your future career and you will meet PhD-students and postdocs who have come to Uppsala to be part of an excellent research environment to do cutting edge research.

The groups also have a well developed cooperation with other departments and research agencies which is beneficial for you when choosing a project for your Master's thesis, and to make contacts for your future career.


If you intend to look for employment directly after graduating with a Master's qualification, having a degree from Uppsala University will prepare you to jump straight into the international job market. The close proximity you will have to research during your studies will ensure that the knowledge and methods you acquire will be the most current and up-to-date. Our approach to teaching and learning means that as a student, you will gain finely-tuned skills in creative and critical thinking, and learn to apply your knowledge innovatively in new and different contexts. Those are skills that are becoming increasingly important to employers.

Student nations

One of the most integral parts of student life in Uppsala is the student nations. There are thirteen student nations, each dating back to the 17th century. Only students can become a member of the nations, which are responsible for arranging activities and events specifically for students.

Though each nation varies in size and character, they each provide a space for students to meet, socialise and enjoy life outside of the classroom. Most nations have a café, pub and restaurant, and popular nation activities include club nights, formal dinners, balls and musical events. As a member, you can also join a wide array of personal interest groups and sporting clubs.

Each nation is named after a specific region in Sweden, and traditionally students joined the nation representing the region they were from. Today however, students can join the nation of their choice. Please note, it is important that you keep the receipt you receive when you pay your student nation and/or union fee, as this is a part of your student identification. A plastic ID card will be sent to you at a later date.

Along with the student unions, the nations help to organise welcome activities for new students. During Orientation Week you will receive information about each of the nations. This will help you to decide which nation to join. During your time as a student you are likely to attend formal dinners and balls at the nations, so it might be a good idea to bring a suit or an elegant dress.

As an international student you are free to choose which nation you want to join. Please note that the receipt you receive when you pay the nation fee must be kept, since it is a part of your student ID; a plastic card will be received later.

Keep up to date with student nation events

Food, pubs, activities - Uppsala's nation life is boundless. Take a look at the Nation Guide, 'Nationsguiden', and see what's going on at the student nations.

Join a student nation!

Last modified: 2022-01-03