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For all questions regarding courses you are welcome to contact the Chemistry Course Office, who can help you out, or help you get in contact with a person who can. The course office is located at two campus areas, BMC and Ångström Laboratory. By using the e-mail address, you are able to contact all of the administrators. To help you find your way before a visit, you can use the MazeMap tool.

PLEASE NOTE! Due to Covid-19, at the moment it is recommended that you contact the study administrators and study adviser via email or telephone. It is also possible to book an appointment for a Zoom or a telephone meeting. See contact information and links below.  


Ulrika RydbergUlrika Rydberg - Study Administrator 

Telephone: +46-18-471 3711
Fax: +46-18-471 3705 


Postal address: Uppsala University, Chemistry Course Office, BMC, Box 576, SE-751 23 Uppsala, Sweden

(Visiting address: Uppsala Biomedical Centre (BMC), Husargatan 3, B7:4 (building B7, floor 4). Use the stairs in C7, when you get to floor 4 call us on the red phone outside the corridor. See MazeMap.) 

At Ångström

Cecile MartijnCécile Martijn - Study Administrator  

(N.B.: Applications for all Projects in Chemistry and Degree projects are handled by Cécile.) 

Telephone: +46-18-471 3710
Fax: +46-18-471 3705

Postal address: Uppsala University, Chemistry Course Office - Ångström Laboratory, Box 523, SE-751 20 Uppsala, Sweden

(Visiting address: Ångström Laboratory, Lägerhyddsvägen 1, room 12114 (building 1, floor 2). See MazeMap.)  

Study Adviser for the Master Programme

For questions concerning the Master Programme you are welcome to contact our study counsellor:

Helena Morales JohanssonHelena Morales Johansson  - Study Adviser

Telephone: +46-18-471 3792
Mobile: +46-70-167 9200
E-mail: or

Book an appointment for a zoom or a telephone meeting:

(Visiting address: Chemistry Course Office, Uppsala Biomedical Centre (BMC), Husargatan 3, B7:4 (buidling B7, floor 4). Use the stairs in C7, when you get to floor 4, call us on the red phone outside the corridor.) 

Exchange studies

For questions concerning international student exchange within Chemistry, please contact:

Dr. Jeffrey Hawkes

Telephone: +46-18-471 3677

Chemistry courses in English

For questions regarding chemistry courses in English, please contact:

Dr. Christer Elvingson

Make an appointment through phone or e-mail.

Telephone: +46-18-471 3631
Fax: +46-18-471 3633

(Visiting address: Ångström Laboratory, Lägerhyddsvägen 1, room 12215 (building 1, floor 2). See MazeMap.) 

Postal address: Department of Chemistry - Ångström Laboratory, Uppsala University, Box 523, SE-751 20 Uppsala, Sweden 

Last modified: 2022-11-10