Conversation about biomimetics with Johannes Messinger - Part of "Nobel Calling Stockholm 2021"

Johannes Messinger, professor in molecular biomimetics at the Department of Chemistry - Ångström Laboratory, talks with Fredrik Moberg, biologist and author of the book "The inventive planet", about biomimetics in a session with the title "Nature helps researchers to solve human challenges". The conversation is part of a series of activities during "Nobel Calling Stockholm 2021".

During the week starting on October 4 and ending on October 11, the Nobel Prizes for 2021 will be announced. As part of this, the Nobel Prize Museum organizes "Nobel Calling Stockholm 2021" - a week fulled of different activities to illustrate science in the form of talks, lectures, screenings and podcasts, together with researchers, Nobel Laureates, academy members, etc.

More information about the conversation and a link can be found on the Nobel Prize Museum's website.

Here you find the entire program for the "Nobel Calling Stockholm 2021" week.