Tailored organic polymers and composites towards a circular society – Rikard Emanuelsson

Our group designs, produces and tests new organic polymers for a greener and more circular society. We are primarily interested in porous polymers in the form of so-called organic framework compounds and porous organic polymers (POPs) and how these can be combined with other (organic) materials into composites. Porous materials are interesting because they enable a variety of applications and in our research, we focus on energy storage and electrocatalysis as well as adsorption and capture of metal ions from aqueous solutions. By combining organic synthesis, material characterization and electrochemistry, we develop structure-property relationships to establish which structures and material properties perform best in various applications. The research takes place in collaboration with other researchers in Sweden and abroad as well as with industrial partners in Sweden and in the Baltic region.

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Looking for a degree project?

Are you interested in doing you bachelor or master thesis project with us? Or research training as part of an Erasmus or other type of exchange? We have projects that focus on organic synthesis, assembly of polymers and composites as well as material characterization or electrochemistry. The project can also combine several of the areas depending on your background, interest and the current focus of the group. For more information regarding possible projects, please contact Rikard Emanuelsson

Last modified: 2023-10-02