Engman Group

The global market for antioxidants is enormous – close to one million tons per year. Unfortunately, the majority of these compounds act only on a stoichiometric basis. Thus, each molecule of a phenolic or aromatic amine antioxidant can only quench two peroxyl radicals before it is all consumed and gone. It would be much better if one could improve the chain-breaking capacity of the antioxidant and then regenerate it continuously with some cheap, non-toxic co-antioxidant. Actually, this approach, which would be properly described as "green", “sustainable“ and environmentally friendly, is the one Nature has taken with all of its important antioxidant systems. Our work is aiming for novel, regenerable, chain-breaking and hydroperoxide decomposing antioxidants. Such compounds would be potentially useful for stabilization of organic materials such as polymers, oils, fluids and pulp products but also for treatment of diseases.