About the research programme Organic Chemistry

An exterior image of the BMC building with the organic chemistry premises circled.

Head of the programme: Máté Erdélyi

Postal address: Box 576, SE-751 23 Uppsala, Sweden
Visiting address: Husargatan 3, Uppsala

The Organic Chemistry Program of Uppsala University is dedicated to excellence in research and education. We provide opportunities to young scientists through a wide range of topics within fundamental organic and medicinal chemistry as outlined on the webpages of our faculty members. Besides doing cutting edge research on synthetic methodology development and chemical bonding, we develop novel solutions to tackle the grand challenges of our society. For instance, we develop green synthetic methodologies and smart materials, generate new knowledge for the development of better drugs, advance sophisticated techniques for cancer diagnostics, and promote novel solutions for fighting antimicrobial resistance. Hosting the NMR Uppsala infrastructure unit, providing state of the art laboratories for interdisciplinary research in a dynamic and widely international environment we offer outstanding conditions for scientific training leading to bachelor, master and doctorate degrees. We train future academic and industrial leaders  research on projects that have impact on all fields of chemistry. We welcome you to explore and join our activities.

Last modified: 2021-03-27