Molecular Interactions in Cell Function and Dysfunction - Ylva Ivarsson

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We are a research team funded by the Swedish Research Council. We focus on interactions between linear motifs and peptide binding domains and aim to contribute with novel insights into the human protein-protein interaction networks in health and diseases. In addition, we explore the interplay between protein-protein and protein-phospholipid interactions. Our research is interdisciplinary and combines biochemical and biophysical methods with bioinformatics and cell-based assays.

Principal Investigator: Ylva Ivarsson (Associate professor/Docent) 

Our research projects


We are looking for individuals interested in joining the group as postdoctoral fellows to conduct research following our main research lines. If you are talented and highly motivated with previous training in biochemistry, molecular biology or cell biology this might be something for you. If you are trained in computational sciences and bioinformatics and want to gain some wet lab experience you may also fit with the group. Please contact Ylva Ivarsson for inquiries and make sure to attach an updated CV and contact details of two referees.

Last modified: 2022-10-19