Amino Transferase

amino transferase

The amine:pyruvate aminotransferase from Vibrio fluvialis JS17, APA, catalyzes the transfer of amino groups from amines and amino acids to α-keto acids, aldehydes and ketones. APA is a PLP-dependent enzyme which shows activity with phenyl-substituted substrates, but poor activity with bulkier amino acceptors. This feature makes it interesting to study APA´s activity with ketone with different substituents and to introduce mutations to increase the activity with larger acceptors and with α-hydroxylated ketones (acyloins).

Our studies on APA aims to…

  • establish structure/function relationship of enzyme-catalyzed amino transfer reactions.
  • isolate new APA variants which stereoselectively catalyze the amino transfer to bulkier aryl substituted and hydroxylated amino acceptors .
Last modified: 2022-01-27