Research Projects in Helan Danielson Group

The Danielson Group is currently working on the following projects:

Molecular interactions and their relevance for biological regulation and drug discovery

The aim of the research is to increase our knowledge about molecular interactions and how to use this for development of better drugs. The research is relevant also for other areas, such as biotechnology and diagnostics. Questions include for example what driving forces govern when two molecules interact with each other. Why are two molecules attracted to each other? Why are certain interactions fast and others slow? How have different types of interactions evolutionarily been developed and become adapted for different types of processes, such as mechanical work, signalling, reglering and transport? How can a molecule be designed so that it gets desireed properties? More information about the project "Molecular interactions and their relevance for biological regulation and drug discovery".

Interaction studies with membrane bound proteins

Our interest in membrane bound proteins is focussed on enzymes, ion channels and G-protein coupled receptors. BACE-1 (beta-secretase) is an enzyme apparently involved in the development of Alzheimer's disease. We have studied under what conditions inhibitors bind to the enzyme and if it is important to use the more relevant membrane bound enzyme or if a truncated and thereby soluble form of the enzyme to be adequate for identification and characterization of inhibitors.

Hepatitis C enzymology

Viral enzymes have a central role in the viral life cycle and characteristics. The HCV enzymes and proteins that control infectivity and cancer development are to a large extent still unexplored. Our interests concerning replication and disease development concern the non-structural proteins of the virus, of which most are enzymes. The goal is to increase the understanding about hepatitis C infections and its associated diseases as well as how to develop efficient drugs against these.