Ongoing research within Pettersson & Andersson Group

Trace elements

The trace elements group have been using mainly plasma spectrometric techniques, like ICP-AES or ICP-MS to measure trace amounts of elements in a big variety of samples from banana fly testis to rat brain to dental tooth gum to more ordinary environmental samples and industrial samples like alloys. 

Before the samples could be measured by plasma spectrometric techniques they need to be solubilized in a suitable liquid form. That is both time demanding and is also prone to introduce errors in the analytical procedure. Extra care needs to be taken when metal-biomolecule complex should be measured to not destroy its information.


Metallomics or also called “integrated biometal science” could be defined as being the study of metal and metalloid species in biological systems and their interactions and connections with metal ions, metal species with genes, proteins or metabolites. An example of this is the analysis of siderophores in soil samples by LC-ICP-MS. 

The research is now focused on measurement of Ti in different dental samples. Both saliva, bone, and dental gum as biopsies are sampled close to titanium implantates. New method for sample preparation are developed and the determination is optimized for ICP-MS with proper choice internal standard element.

In image explaining plasma spectrometry.