Compounds in byproducts from forestry and the agricultural industry

The aim of this research is to make an impact in recovery of high-value compounds from agricultural byproducts and waste. Target molecules of industrial/nutritional value include antioxidants (flavonoids and fat-soluble vitamins) from carrot waste, apple peel, onion skin, birch bark, and fruit press cakes. To gain knowledge about sample composition and suitable extraction conditions, the use of techniques such as liquid chromatography, mass spectrometry and electrochemical analysis are explored. Several ionization techniques combined with liquid phase based separation techniques are evaluated to get a broad picture of the sample composition. To discover valuable compounds such as antioxidants in biomass-waste, we utilise a recently developed on-line LC-EC-MS/MS system.

Persons involved in this work at analytical chemistry in Uppsala are:

  • Per Sjöberg
  • Mikael Fridén

Further information can be found on:

Last modified: 2022-04-05