Scientific Activities - Globisch lab

May 2022Ioanna won a poster award at the MSACL conference in Monterey, CA, USA.

Nov 2021Weifeng at his halftime seminar.

July 2021: Mário won an award for his shotgun presentation at the ICAP2021 conference.

September 2019: Mário at his halftime seminar.

April 2019Daniel presented at the Second Annual National Molecular Medicine Fellows meeting in Gothenburg, Sweden.

February 2019: Louis, Mário and Daniel at the Gordon Research Conference Metabolomics and Human Health in Ventura, CA, USA.

August 2018Caroline presented her poster at the 1st Nordic Metabolomics Conference in Örebro, Sweden.

August 2018Louis presented his poster at the Chemical Biology 2018 Conference at EMBL Heidelberg, Germany.

June 2018CarolineLouis and Daniel at the ASMS annual meeting in San Diego, CA, USA.

Last modified: 2022-05-13