Prof. Jan Kihlberg is this year's recipient of the Ulla and Stig Holmquist Prize


Prof. Jan Kihlberg, at the Department of Chemistry - BMC, Organic Chemistry, has been rewarded with the Ulla and Stig Holmquist Science Prize in Organic Chemistry for 2020. Jan is rewarded for his pioneering efforts in the field of carbohydrate chemistry and its applications for biomedical purposes.

Ulla and Stig Holmquist's Science Prize in Organic Chemistry is awarded annually to a researcher with a mainly national operational background in the subject of organic chemistry and who has made pioneering research efforts in this area. The prize money is SEK 1.2 million.

The motivation reads:

"Carbohydrate derivatives have been synthesized with great skill and include both method development for glycosidation of individual amino acids and peptides and protecting group chemistry. Jan Kihlberg has introduced an NMR technique using a fluoroisotope as a method to monitor the development of solid phase peptide synthesis and binding of ligands to receptors in biological systems. His carbohydrate research has garnered a great deal of international attention, as has his successful synthesis and study of macrocycles and peptidomimetics. "

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Last modified: 2022-09-22