Sandra Andersson

Från: Enköping

Studerar: Civilingenjörsprogrammet i kemiteknik

Varför valde du att studera civilingenjörsprogrammet i kemiteknik?
Engineering was always obvious for me, I was going to study something with technology. In high school I liked the chemistry courses, and that’s a reason why I chose to study chemistry. Also we had someone from the university talking about chemistry degrees at high school, so that was also a part of why I became interested.

How come you chose to study at Uppsala University?
I chose Uppsala because it was close to where I grew up, and also because I thought it was good university. It is known internationally and the student life is great.

What do you like most about studying in Uppsala?
I like the student life, the program, the courses. I also like the fact that it was possible to take a break in my program, so I went to live in New Zeeland for a year. Now I’m back in Uppsala, but I’m working as a development engineer at a company while waiting for my last term to start, when I will do my master thesis.

About your master thesis, can you tell us a little bit about what your research is going to be about?
I have not decided yet but I think I would like to do a project about innovation or development. I might want to do it at a pharmaceutical company or at another company.

What do you want to do when you have finished your studies?
I think I want to try different jobs. I enjoy the project I’m doing now, taking out prototypes for new products. I’m developing chromatography media that are used for separation and purification of pharmaceuticals.

Three quick questions

Favourite place in Uppsala?
The botanical gardens, its beautiful.

Best student tradition in Uppsala?
The gasques!

Dream job?
Something to do with research - either at the university or at a company.