1951 - 2000

1978: Lawesson's reagent for synthesis of thioketones (Sven-Olof Lawesson, Bulletin des Sociétés Chimiques Belges, 1978, 87, 223-228)

1975: Study of fast exchange reactions by 13C spin polarization transfer (Per Ahlberg)

1974: a-Ferrocenylcarbonium ions (Stig Allenmark)

1965: Anchimeric assistance in nucleophilic substitutions involving sulfoxides (Stig Allenmark)

1964: Natural products from lichen (Johan Santesson)

1962: Kinetic acidity of indene (Göran Bergson)

1962: First NMR spectrometer at an organic chemistry laboratory in Sweden (Varian A60)

1960: Natural products from mosses (Gerd Bendz)

1960: Studies of Favorsky rearrangement (Ch. Rappe)

1958: Lone pair interactions in disulfides (Göran Bergson)

1957: Use of NMR spectroscopy (1H, 19F) for heterocyclic compounds (40 MHz, Gronowitz)

1954: Ion pair formation in alkylation reactions (Arne Brändström)

1954: Thiophene derivatives (Salo Gronowitz)

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