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The 8th Molecular Quantum Mechanics conference (2016)

The 8th Molecular Quantum Mechanics conference.
June 26 - July 1, 2016 in Uppsala, Sweden

"Dear colleagues,
It is with pleasure I invite you to attend the 8th Molecular Quantum Mechanics, June 26-July 1 2016 in Uppsala, Sweden. We hope that you will find the city of Uppsala and Uppsala University, founded in 1477, a worthy host of the symposium. The MQM 2016 will find inspiration from the academic excellence of Uppsala, as exemplified by local scientific giants as Carl von Linnaeus, Anders Celsius, and more recently the chemistry Nobel laureates The Svedberg and Arne Tiselius. The vicinity to Stockholm, closeness to Sweden's largest airport (Arlanda), the splendid nature of Uppland, with its soothing archipelago, and the inspirational Swedish summer we hope will be further reasons for you to come and visit us in June 2016."

ISBC (2014)