Publikationer i Helena Grennbergs grupp

  • Song, Man; Zhao, Jie; Meng, Yu; Riekehr, Lars et al.

    Nitrogen-doped Reduced Graphene Oxide Hydrogel Achieved via a One-Step Hydrothermal Process

    Ingår i CHEMNANOMAT, s. 1144 1144-1151 1151, 2019.

  • Song, Man; Tahershamsi, Leili; Zhao, Jie; Zhang, Zhi-Bin et al.

    Efficient Gelation of Graphene Oxide Aqueous Dispersion Induced by Sonication-Promoted Leuckart Reaction

    Ingår i ChemNanoMat, s. 1145 1145-1152 1152, 2018.

  • Song, Man; Zhao, Jie; Grennberg, Helena; Zhang, Zhi-Bin

    Screen Printed Conductive Composites with Reduced Graphene Oxide and Silver

    Ingår i 2018 IMAPS Nordic Conference on Microelectronics Packaging (NordPac), s. 35-39, 2018.

  • Nordlund, Michael; Kazen Orrefur, Johannes; Grennberg, Helena

    Functionalization of fullerenes via metal catalyzed hydroarylation


  • Nordlund, Michael; Andersson, Claes-Henrik; Grennberg, Helena

    Organometallic Fullerene Derivatives: Towards Ferrocene-[60]Fulleropyrrolidine Trimer


  • Lundstedt, Anna; Webb, Matthew J; Grennberg, Helena

    Ozonolysis of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in participating solvents

    Ingår i RSC Advances, s. 6152-6159, 2017.

  • Lundstedt, Anna; Papadakis, Raffaello; Li, Hu; Han, Yuanyuan et al.

    White-light photoassisted covalent functionalization of graphene using 2-propanol

    Ingår i Small Methods, 2017.

  • Papadakis, Raffaello; Li, Hu; Bergman, Joakim; Lundstedt, Anna et al.

    Metal-free photochemical silylations and transfer hydrogenations of benzenoid hydrocarbons and graphene

    Ingår i Nature Communications, 2016.

    Open access
  • Nordlund, Michael; Bhandary, Sumanta; Sanyal, Biplab; Almqvist, Nils et al.

    Side-selective self-assembly of graphene and FLG on piezoelectric PVDF from suspension

    Ingår i Journal of Physics D, 2016.

    Open access
  • Blom, Magnus; Olsson, Sandra; Norrehed, Sara; Andersson, Claes-Henrik et al.

    Photomodulable bis-porphyrin molecular tweezers as dynamic host systems for diamine guests

  • Blom, Magnus; Norrehed, Sara; Andersson, Claes-Henrik; Huang, Hao et al.

    Synthesis and Properties of Bis-Porphyrin Molecular Tweezers: Effects of Spacer Flexibility on Binding and Supramolecular Chirogenesis

    Ingår i Molecules, 2016.

    Open access
  • Yager, Tom; Webb, Matthew J.; Grennberg, Helena; Yakimova, Rositsa et al.

    High mobility epitaxial graphene devices via aqueous-ozone processing

    Ingår i Applied Physics Letters, 2015.

  • Webb, Matthew J.; Polley, Craig; Dirscherl, Kai; Burwell, Gregory et al.

    Effects of a modular two-step ozone-water and annealing process on silicon carbide graphene

    Ingår i Applied Physics Letters, s. 081602-, 2014.

  • Eriksson, Susanna K; Hahlin, Maria; Kahk, Juhan Matthias; Villar-Garcia, Ignacio J et al.

    A versatile photoelectron spectrometer for pressures up to 30 mbar

    Ingår i Review of Scientific Instruments, s. 075119-, 2014.

  • Talyzin, Alexandr V.; Luzan, Serhiy; Anoshkin, Ilya V.; Nasibulin, Albert G. et al.

    Hydrogen-Driven Cage Unzipping of C-60 into Nano-Graphenes

    Ingår i The Journal of Physical Chemistry C, s. 6504-6513, 2014.

  • Grennberg, Helena

    Carbon Nanotubes and Graphene

    Ingår i Organic Synthesis and Molecular Engineering, s. 76-123, 2013.

  • Nachtigall, Olaf; Lomoth, Reiner; Dahlstrand, Christian; Lundstedt, Anna et al.

    Pyrene–Azobenzene Dyads and Their Photochemistry

    Ingår i European Journal of Organic Chemistry, s. 966-972, 2014.

  • Norrehed, Sara; Polavarapu, Prasad; Yang, Wenzhi; Gogoll, Adolf et al.

    Conformational restriction of flexible molecules in solution by a semirigid bis-porphyrin molecular tweezer

    Ingår i Tetrahedron, s. 7131-7138, 2013.

    Open access
  • Norrehed, Sara; Johansson, Henrik; Grennberg, Helena; Gogoll, Adolf

    Improved stereochemical analysis of conformationally flexible diamines by binding to a bisporphyrin molecular clip

    Ingår i Chemistry - A European Journal, s. 14631-14638, 2013.

  • Yang, Wenzhi; Akhtar, Sultan; Leifer, Klaus; Grennberg, Helena

    Noncovalent Functionalization of Graphene in Suspension

    Ingår i ISRN Organic Chemistry, 2013.

  • Grennberg, Helena; Jansson, Ulf

    Synthesis of graphene and derivatives

    Ingår i Advanced Functional Materials, s. 105-127, 2012.

  • Andersson, Claes-Henrik; Nyholm, Leif; Grennberg, Helena

    Synthesis and characterization of a ferrocene-linked bis-fullerene[60] dumbbell

    Ingår i Dalton Transactions, s. 2374-2381, 2012.

  • Grennberg, Helena; Widenkvist, Erika; Alm, Oscar; Boman, Mats et al.

    Functionalization and Area-Selective Deposition of Magnetic Carbon-Coated Iron Nanoparticles from Solution

    Ingår i Journal of Nanotechnology, s. 342368-, 2011.

  • Webb, Matthew J; Palmgren, Pål; Pal, Prabir; Karis, Olof et al.

    A simple method to produce almost perfect graphene on highly oriented pyrolytic graphite

    Ingår i Carbon, s. 3242-3249, 2011.

  • Jiang, Jun; Smith, Joshua R.; Luo, Yi; Grennberg, Helena et al.

    Multidecker Bis(benzene)chromium: Opportunities for Design of Rigid and Highly Flexible Molecular Wires

    Ingår i The Journal of Physical Chemistry C, s. 785-790, 2011.

  • Yang, Wenzhi; Widenkvist, Erika; Jansson, Ulf; Grennberg, Helena

    Stirring-induced aggregation of graphene in suspension

    Ingår i New Journal of Chemistry, s. 780-783, 2011.

  • Andersson, Claes-Henrik; Berggren, Gustav; Ott, Sascha; Grennberg, Helena

    Synthesis and IR Spectroelectrochemical Studies of a [60]Fulleropyrrolidine-(tricarbonyl)chromium Complex: Probing C-60 Redox States by IR Spectroscopy

    Ingår i European Journal of Inorganic Chemistry, s. 1744-1749, 2011.

  • Grennberg, Helena; Gogoll, Adolf; Bäckvall, Jan-Erling

    Acid‑Induced Transformation of Palladium(0)­‑Benzoquinone Complexes to Palladium(II) and Hydroquinone

    Ingår i Organometallics, s. 1790-1793, 1993.

  • Gogoll, Adolf; Örnebro, Jörgen; Grennberg, Helena; Bäckvall, Jan-Erling

    Mechanism of Apparent π-Allyl Rotation in (π-Allyl)Palladium Complexes with Bidentate Nitrogen Ligands

    Ingår i Journal of the American Chemical Society, s. 3631-3632, 1994.

  • Gogoll, Adolf; Grennberg, Helena

    Structural Assignment of  σ-π-Palladium Complexes by 2D NMR

    Ingår i Magnetic Resonance in Chemistry, s. 954-959, 1993.

  • Grennberg, Helena; Gogoll, Adolf; Bäckvall, Jan-Erling

    Use of Sulfoxides as Co‑catalysts in the Palladium‑Quinone‑Catalyzed 1,4‑Diacetoxylation of 1,3‑Dienes: An Example of Ligand‑Accelerated Catalysis

    Ingår i Journal of Organic Chemistry, s. 5811-5811, 1991.

  • Chajara, Khalil; Andersson, Claes-Henrik; Luo, Jun; Widenkvist, Erika et al.

    The reagent-free, microwave-assisted purification of carbon nanotubes

    Ingår i New Journal of Chemistry, s. 2275-2280, 2010.

  • Blom, Tobias; Jafri, Hassan; Widenkvist, Erika; Jansson, Ulf et al.

    An In-Situ Prepared Nano-Manipulator Tip for Electrical Characterization of Free Standing Graphene Like Sheets Inside a Focused Ion Beam/Scanning Electron Microscope

    Ingår i Journal of Nanoelectronics and Optoelectronics, s. 162-168, 2011.

  • Jafri, Syed Hassan Mujtaba; Carva, Karel; Widenkvist, Erika; Blom, Tobias et al.

    Conductivity engineering of graphene by defect formation

    Ingår i Journal of Physics D, s. 045404-, 2010.

  • Sanyal, Biplab; Eriksson, Olle; Jansson, Ulf; Grennberg, Helena

    Molecular adsorption in defected graphene with divacancy defects

    Ingår i Physical Review B. Condensed Matter and Materials Physics, s. 113409-, 2009.

  • Andersson, Claes-Henrik; Grennberg, Helena

    Reproducibility and efficiency of carbon nanotube end-group generation and functionalization

    Ingår i European Journal of Organic Chemistry, s. 4421-4428, 2009.

  • Andersson, Claes-Henrik; Lahman, Martina; Oscarson, Stefan; Grennberg, Helena

    Reversible Non-Covalent Derivatisation of Carbon Nanotubes with Glycosides

    Ingår i Soft Matter, s. 2713-2716, 2009.

  • Yang, Wenzhi; Grennberg, Helena

    Supramolecular functionalization of Graphene

    Ingår i Graphene and emerging materials for post-CMOS applications, s. 211-214, 2009.

  • Widenkvist, Erika; Boukhvalov, Danil; Rubino, Stefano; Akhtar, Sultan et al.

    Mild sonochemical exfoliation of bromine-intercalated graphite a new route towards graphene

    Ingår i Journal of Physics D, s. 112003-, 2009.

  • Gogoll, Adolf; Grennberg, Helena; Axen, A

    Chemical shift assignment of geminal protons in 3,7-diazabicyclo [3.3.1]nonanes: An unexpected deviation from the axial/equatorial chemical shift order

    Ingår i Magnetic Resonance in Chemistry, s. 13-20, 1997.

  • Gogoll, Adolf; Gomes, João; Bergkvist, Magnus; Grennberg, Helena

    Configurational Assignment of Acyclic (π-Allyl)Palladium Complexes: Analytical Application of Chelating Nitrogen Ligands

    Ingår i Organometallics, s. 1354-1364, 1995.

  • Gogoll, Adolf; Johansson, Charlotte; Axen, Andreas; Grennberg, Helena

    Determination of absolute configuration of (pi-allyl)palladium complexes by NMR spectroscopy and stereoselective complexation

    Ingår i Chemistry-A European Journal, s. 396-403, 2001.

  • Axen, A; Grennberg, H; Gogoll, Adolf

    One-pot synthesis of a 1,3,7,9-tetraazacyclododecane derivative and an investigation of its complexation properties

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  • Gogoll, Adolf; Grennberg, Helena; Axen, Andreas

    (π-Allyl)palladium complexes with N,N'-diphenylbispidinone derivatives as a new type of chelating nitrogen ligand: Complexation studies, spectroscopic properties, and an x-ray structure of (3,7-diphenyl-1,5-dimethylbispidinone)[(1,3-η(3)-propenyl)-pal

    Ingår i Organometallics, s. 1167-1178, 1997.

  • Li, Junxin; Chajara, Khalil; Lindgren, Jan; Grennberg, Helena

    Rapid Acid-Mediated Purification of Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes with Homogenization of Bulk Properties

    Ingår i Journal of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology, s. 1525-1529, 2007.

  • Widenkvist, Erika; Li, Junxin; Jansson, Ulf; Grennberg, Helena

    Selected area deposition of multiwalled carbon nanotubes from solution

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    Atomic layer deposition of titanium dioxide nanostructures using carbon nanosheets as a template

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  • Ohlsson, Judit; Wolpher, Henriette; Hagfeldt, Anders; Grennberg, Helena

    New dyes for solar cells based on nanostructured semiconducting metal oxides: Synthesis and characterisation of ruthenium(II) complexes with thiol-substituted ligands

    Ingår i Journal of Photochemistry and Photobiology A: Chemistry, s. 41-48, 2002.

  • Gogoll, Adolf; Polavarapu, Prasad; Grennberg, Helena

    Enhanced Silver Ion Binding to a Rigid Bisarene Molecular Cleft with Formation of Nonpolar Pleated Sheets through Non-Ionic Intermolecular Forces

    Ingår i Inorganic Chemistry, s. 5271-5275, 2007.

  • Li, Junxin; Grennberg, Helena

    Microwave-Assisted Covalent Sidewall Functionalization of Multiwalled Carbon Nanotubes

    Ingår i Chem. Eur. J., s. 3869-3875, 2006.

  • Toom, Lauri; Grennberg, Helena; Gogoll, Adolf

    Microwave-Assisted Raney Nickel Reduction of Bispidinone Thioketals to N,N’-Dialkylbispidines

    Ingår i Synthesis (Stuttgart), s. 2064-2068, 2006.

  • Toom, Lauri; Kütt, Agnes; Kaljurand, Ivari; Leito, Ivo et al.

    Substituent Effects on the Basicity of 3,7-Diazabicyclo[3.3.1]nonanes

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  • Modin, Judit; Johansson, Henrik; Grennberg, Helena

    New Pyrazolino- and Pyrrolidino[60]fullerenes with Transition-Metal Chelating Pyridine Substitutents: Synthesis and Complexation to Ru(II)

    Ingår i Organic Letters, s. 3977-3979, 2005.

  • Gogoll, Adolf; Toom, Lauri; Grennberg, Helena

    Ligand-Induced Formation of an Adamantanoid Hexanuclear (π-Allyl) PdII(μ3-Hydroxo) Cluster Stacked as Hydrogen-Bonded Double Strands

    Ingår i Angew. Chem. Int. Ed., s. 2295-2300, 2005.