Student Life in Uppsala

Student in Uppsala

Students and teachers at the Master's programme in Chemistry come from all corners of the world, and from different parts of the long country of Sweden. We all have different backgrounds and interests, besides sharing our enthusiasm for Chemistry, of course. Opportunities for a rich social life are endless in Uppsala. The University campus stretching across the city, along with the student nations, the dorms, the cafés and the beautiful parks in Uppsala open up for opportunities to meet students from all programs and institutions. 

The Chemistry courses are given at two different campus areas: the Biomedical Center (BMC) and the Ångström Laboratory. Find more information about the two campuses at the Section of Chemistry website


Walpurgis eve is a big celebration in Uppsala. In the calendar, Walpurgis eve may only be one day, but in Uppsala it extends almost a whole week. In the days around the end of April, about 150,000 people gather in central Uppsala to take part in the celebration. Many are students but a large part are other Uppsala residents and incoming visitors.

The Walpurgis week is celebrated with a variety of activities, for example, handing out of graduation hats for graduating students in Carolinabacken, herring lunch at Uppsala Konsert och Kongress, activities in Ekonomikumparken, rafting down the Fyris river with self-built rafts, and more.

Watch our YouTube video about Walpurgis in Uppsala to learn more about the celebration activities. 

River-rafting on the Fyris river in Uppsala, Walpurgis eve.

Uppsala Union of Engineering and Science Students

Students at the BMC University campus studying together outside.

There are two student associations for students of Chemistry in Uppsala: IUPAK and the K-section. These are both part of Uppsala Union of Engineering and Science Students (UTN). Both associations offer a variety of social activities, for instance the Welcome Reception for new students and the Science Students' ball at the castle in Uppsala. They also organise festivities for the Walpurgis festival, for example, river rafting down the Fyris river than runds down central Uppsala. 

You can find more information about the Student Unions's different committees and activities at the UTN website

The Science Students' Ball

Each year a ball at the Uppsala castle is organised for the Science students. 

The Science Students' Ball is a ball that has taken place since 1985 and is according to tradition held at Uppsala Castle. Since the ball is so appreciated and the tickets so coveted, the Science Students' Ball is from year 2020 on an annual event!

At the Science Students' Ball, students, teachers, and officials of the student union all enjoy an incredible three-course meal together during the evening. There will also be first-class entertainment, inspiring speeches, and dancing of all sorts. The pedagogical prize of UTN will also be handed out to one teacher, chosen by the students, that have promoted their education during the past year. 

Read more about the Science Students' Ball

The Science Students' ball at the castle in Uppsala. Set tables with guests, picture taken from above.
Last modified: 2022-02-03