Towards graphene inks

Graphene oxide (GO) dispersed in water can be transformed to graphene/graphene oxide hydrogels with a viscosity more suited for printing. In our mild process, GO aldehyde/keto groups are transformed to amines with loss of oxygen as water, while GO carboxyl units remain. The amine units of the thus partially reduced GO sheets allow a more efficient interaction with other GO sheets than possible for non-treated GO; covalently by intersheet imine formation and non-covalently by acid-base salt bridge formation between carboxylic units and amines.

Orginalartikel: Efficient Gelation of Graphene Oxide Aqueous Dispersion Induced

by Sonication-Promoted, (2018) Chem-NanoMat, DOI: 10.1002/cnma.201800286

Man Song, Leili Tahershamsi, Jie Zhao,Zhibin Zhang,*and Helena Grennberg*

Helena Grennberg undervisar i följande kurser på Institutionen för kemi:

Industrial Organic Chemistry 2019/2020 (10 credits)

Organic Chemistry II 2019/2020 (15 credits)

Syllabus for Degree Project C in Chemistry (15 credits)

Materials and Sustainable Development (10 credits)

Environmental Chemistry (15 credits)

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