Interview with Sofie Ye

Sofie Ye

Name: Sofie Ye
From: Luleå, Sweden
Degree(s): Bachelor of Chemistry and Master of Organic Chemistry, both at Uppsala University.

Why did you choose to study chemistry?
I studied at the natural science program in high school but after that I actually went on to study music. Although it was really fun to spend all my days making music, I eventually started to miss science and sort of felt like I wanted to really understand how things “work in the world”. I started to think about what I could study to satisfy that feeling and ended up going for chemistry.

How come you chose to study at Uppsala University?
I had heard a lot of good things about Uppsala, especially about the chemistry education. I had also seen a lot of videos from Uppsala on the television as a kid - from Valborg when the student choirs were singing and stuff like that. I thought that it would be a nice city to study in, partly because of the good reputation of the chemistry program and partly because of all the student traditions.

What did you like most about studying in Uppsala?
The student life! I took part in the welcoming reception for all new students at the very beginning and it was a great start. We played a lot of silly games together, which I think took down the “severity” of going to university a notch and made it easier to relax and get to know each other.

I also enjoyed the activities going on at the Nations. For me, who loves music, joining some of their choirs, orchestras and bands was a great way to have fun together with fellow students. It is really cool that we have these activities that are organized by students for students.

When it comes to the education, I appreciated that the professors were so available. I could come knock at their doors at (almost) any hour. It was truly inspiring to me to see how eager they were to help as long as you had the curiosity and willingness to learn.

Did you have any internships during your studies?
Not really, but I got scholarships from the university to carry out short projects in different research groups during most of my summers in Uppsala. I thought it was really cool as it gave me more experience in research as well as knowledge in different fields of chemistry. The summer projects have been really helpful for me when it comes to choosing what I would like to work with in the future.

What have you done after you finished your studies?
As soon as I graduated from the master program, I got the opportunity to work as a consultant within Life Science for six months at a consultant company. During those six months, I worked as a research engineer at the research and development department of a company in Uppsala. The project I worked in was related to optimizing the production capacity of a new factory that was being built on site. I carried out experiments in the lab to better understand the parameters governing the properties of the product to make sure we would get the product we wanted.

What is the plan now?
Now, I am just about to go back to academia for PhD studies. I will work with organic synthesis to, hopefully, develop molecular tools to visualize biological processes in the body. One of my first projects will be about making a molecule that may be used to give earlier diagnosis of diabetes.


Favorite place in Uppsala?
I like the view from the hill where the Castle stands!

Best student tradition in Uppsala?
The welcoming reception in the beginning of the term, when the older students welcome the new ones.

Dream job?
Actually, the other day when I had moment to just sit down and think, I thought to myself that “Wow, I’m living my dream”. I have been wanting to do a PhD for a long time and I’m also working part-time as a gym instructor, which is another dream of mine. I know that it sounds really cheesy but yeah, I think I’m living my dream right now.

Last modified: 2022-05-25