Interview with Sofia Lindblad

Name: Sofia Lindblad
From: Gothenburg, Sweden
Studying: Master in Organic Chemistry

Why did you choose to study chemistry?
Actually, I started to study pharmaceutical science in Gothenburg. A course in that programme was led by Máté Erdélyi, who is my supervisor now. I thought it was so much fun during that course that I wanted to start doing a project in his group, in chemistry. When he moved from Gothenburg to Uppsala I did not want to let go of the project so i decided to take a chance and follow him to Uppsala - where I also changed my bachelor from pharmaceutical science to chemistry. 

How come you chose to study at Uppsala University?
I thought the opportunity to become a part of a research project, already in my bachelor, was a great opportunity. It was the reason I chose to study at Uppsala University.

What do you like most about studying in Uppsala?
It’s a really nice city. I appreciate the closeness to the university, and also the student life around it with the Student Nations. The Student Nations are really nice because they bring the student life to the city, and they influence the whole city. Being a student in Uppsala is really great.

You are currently doing your master thesis as a research project at the institution for chemistry - can you tell us a little bit about your research?
I have not started yet, but It will be about Halogen bonding. That’s also what I studied in the project I was a part of in my bachelors - the halogen bonding project. Since that project I have been doing different things in relation to Halogen bonding and that’s what I will be continuing with, but of course with a different twist. It's hard to explain because it's a broad topic but the research might result in a new universal molecular tool for molecular interactions -  that could be applied to molecular recognitions systems and for example the medical field.

What do you want to do when you have finished your studies?
I would like to do a PhD here at Uppsala university but after that I have not decided.


Favourite place in Uppsala?
Värmlands Nation, because they have latin dance on Sundays.

Best student tradition in Uppsala?
Eko-parken at Valborg!

Dream job?
I have no idea actually. Maybe to become a professor at Uppsala University!

Last modified: 2022-05-17