Interview with Carolyne Chepkirui Kenduiywo

Carolyne Chepkirui Kenduiywo

Name: Carolyne Chepkirui Kenduiywo
From: Kenya
Bachelor: BSc in Chemistry at University of Nairobi
Master: MSc in Chemistry at University of Nairobi
Studies: PhD - 4 months in Uppsala

Why did you choose to study chemistry?
During my high school program I used to be fascinated by chemistry, I was happy about doing chemical reactions and so forth. That’s mainly the reason why I choose that path, another reason was also that I would have a lot of openings as a scientist in Kenya.

How come you chose to study at Uppsala University?
At the university of Nairobi, at the department of chemistry, they have a collaboration with the department of chemistry here. Especially with professor Máté Erdélyi. My department lacks some facilities for research and here I can access all the facilities, so receiving research training at Uppsala University is a great opportunity for me.

Is studying here similar or different from where you studied before? How?
It's a bit different, the research facilities here are better, hence the research that’s done here in Uppsala is of higher quality. But the experimental process that are done here is the same, the main advantages is the continuous access to machines and equipment.

What do you like most about being a PhD-student at Uppsala University?
The accessibility of the professors and the equipment - but also the fact that they check on your progress. For example every Monday we have group presentations, after two weeks we meet one and one, and so forth. The professors are there, they help, they guide, and they follow kindly on what you are doing. But the best part is the availability of the equipment!

Because you are currently doing your PhD - can you tell us a little bit about your research?
I am studying traditional medicinal plants, which are used in Kenya to treat Malaria. The plants are extracted and purified, in order to identify the active principles.

What do you want to do when you have finished your PhD?
I am teaching at Kabarak University in Kenya so I will be continuing with teaching, doing research, as well as mentoring the young ones and encourage them to follow the path of science and research.


First impression of Sweden?
When I was about to land with the airplane I saw all the green and all the water. I was like wow, this must be a cool place. And the water is so clean. Also the university is in a cool environment.

Best experience in Uppsala so far?
The lab, of course. The systems are working, the fellow colleagues are ready to help. Also doing things in groups, we learn from each other a lot.

What is your dream-job?
Teaching and research. I have my dream job.

Last modified: 2023-03-02