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Chemistry at BMC

Our research ranges from synthesis of new molecules with unique and useful properties to finding specific molecules in complex samples and understanding the function of various biomolecules. The knowledge we gain can be used to improve our environment and human health.

Department of Chemistry - BMC

The Department of Chemistry – BMC conducts research and education in analytical chemistry, biochemistry and organic chemistry. The department belongs to the Faculty of Science and Technology, but has through its location at the Biomedical Centre (BMC) unique opportunities for close collaboration with departments in biology, pharmacy and medicine as well as SciLifeLab.

Our research includes both basic and applied research. Many of our research projects aims to understand how naturally occurring molecules function and are affected by various chemical substances. This includes development of new methods for analysing, characterising and studying biological samples with potential applications in clinical diagnostics and environmental research. Another research area is focused on development of new synthesis methods, partly aiming to create new molecules with specific properties such as pharmaceutics, but also aiming to replace existing synthesis methods with more effective and environmentally friendly alternatives.

We educate chemists at the bachelor and master levels, as well as chemical engineers. All our degree programmes are characterised by a broad variety of courses, a large extent of lab teaching and strong connection to research. The department offers postgraduate training in analytical chemistry, biochemistry and organic chemistry, as well as general chemistry. We also have established partnerships with industry that provide good conditions for industrial doctoral students whose training is partly done in a company. Our high-quality education programmes attracts many international students who contribute to an enriching and stimulating study environment.

Last modified: 2023-11-27