Two scientists in lab coats and gloves working at a fume cupboard.

Chemistry at BMC

The department of Chemistry - BMC represents an internationally highly competitive institution for chemistry.

It aims to develop and sustain a progressive, interdisciplinary, and collaborative environment that delivers the highest quality in research and education outcomes.

Department of Chemistry - BMC

The department of Chemistry – BMC embodies the main research and education in analytical chemistry, biochemistry, organic chemistry and part of physical chemistry, at the Faculty of Science and Technology. It is geographically located within Uppsala Biomedical Centre (BMC), a campus for scientific research and education in biology, chemistry, medicine and pharmacy.

The close vicinity to other campuses, the university hospital, several science parks, and UU innovation provides an excellent environment for research and education, and support for commercialization and external collaboration. Researchers at the department of Chemistry – BMC thus collaborate actively with people in many other disciplines, companies and organisations in Sweden and internationally by serving as expert advisors and research partners, or providing access to core facilities.

The department of Chemistry – BMC offers, together with the Department of Chemistry – Ångström, one of Sweden’s best educations in chemistry. They are together responsible for the Bachelor and Master programs in Chemistry at Uppsala University. They are also responsible for the Master of Science program in Chemical Engineering, then together with departments in the Faculty of Pharmacy. The department provides courses and parts of courses to other education programs, both within and outside the faculty. All educational programs are characterized by a wide range of courses at all levels, strong research connections, extensive lab work. The teachers are very competent, enthusiastic and use state-of-the-art pedagogic methods.

Research education is offered in biochemistry and chemistry without specialization, and with specialization in analytical chemistry, organic chemistry and physical chemistry.

The department attracts many highly motivated students, lecturers, professors and researchers, from all over the world. They all contribute to an excellent and stimulating academic environment.