Mental Health

Doing chemistry research can be hugely rewarding - both in terms of scientific contribution and the opportunity to meet many fantastic people. In SMC we strive to have a positive and safe working environment for all, and to support each other's physical and mental health. Certain stresses are more unique to research (see infographics below), and on this page we have gathered information to help our researchers be productive and healthy.

Infographics by Dr. Zoe Aryes (@zjareys). In Sweden the emergency line is 112.

During the 2019 Consortium for Artificial Photosynthesis (CAP) meeting, the junior researchers discussed stress and mental health in the context of academia. Two young researchers also presented a discussion titled Handling the Stresses of Academia (available for download).

Remember that you are not alone, and that you can turn to people you trust, for example friends, family, colleagues, a research adviser, or human resources (HR) personnel here at Ångström.

Mental and physical wellbeing resources at Uppsala University include:

  • Wellness hour and wellness subsidy - this service for salaried employees lets researchers take an hour a week for activities like exercise, and the subsidy can help pay 2000 sek towards gym memberships! Skatterverket maintains a list of which activities the subsidy can be used for.
  • Företagshälsovård: Previa is responsible for Uppsala University´s occupational health service, and they have resources for mental well-being. If the mental distress is work-related, our department HR recommends starting here. Previa offers two anonymous calls for all employees. These calls do not affect you project nor are they seen by supervisors since it is paid by the university’s HR division. There is the possibility for anonymous visits as well; here is a link for booking.
  • A wide range of hotlines and chat services run by 1177 (Swedish, quick-translation available for example via the Chrome browser)
  • The 1177 webpage on mental illness and discomfort
  • For those with a Swedish personnummer, therapy appointments can be arranged via your local vårdcentral. You may have already been assigned a vårdcentral based on your address (for more information, see As these offices may have busy telephone lines, you can always walk in to request an appointment.
  • Online therapy, for example medical apps like Kry (note that for some of these apps you may need to be registered at a vårdcentral).
  • Uppsala University’s Department of Psychology offers free therapy in Swedish
  • As always, in an emergency call 112
Our goal is to avoid this situation.
Last modified: 2021-09-16