Electronic Resources

Here we have collected a summary of our favorite resources. If you have suggestions let us know!

Research Resources

Electrochemistry :


  • Overview of NMR and extensive resource:  Multinuclear NMR  webpage
  • The 2010 paper  NMR Chemical Shifts of Trace Impurities  ( Organometallics  2010,  29 , 2176–2179) is essential. It allows for quick assignment of unexpected peaks and correct referencing of the solvent peak



Detecting catalyst decomposition & transformation

Presenting Science

Preparing Effective Scientific Figures


Giving Effective Presentations

                                 from https://xkcd.com/365/


DigiElch 8: SMC owns two copies of DigiElch 8, which is very useful for simulating cyclic voltammograms, testing mechanisms, and for gaining electrochemical intuition in silico. Ask a member of Sascha's lab for access to the hardware dongle.

Mercury: this free software is useful for viewing of single crystal structures and generating simulated powder X-ray diffraction patterns. To access full functionality, contact Uppsala University's library resource team (email) and ask for the site number and license key. They will provide installation instructions.

Reference Managers: The software EndNote is available from our administration, and the free software Mendeley is a great alternative. These programs enable organization of research articles as well as plugins for citing papers in manuscript drafts.

Web Resources

Chemistry Reference Resolver : type in a citation, hit enter, and the website will try its absolute best to take you to that article's webpage. Great for tracking down papers from a list of references!

Energy Unit Conversions tool by the Halas Nanophotonics Group

WebCSD : use to find and download single crystal structures

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